Why My Car Accelerator Cable Snapped?

Accelerator cable is the one type of cable that helps the driver to control the speed or accelerator of the car. This cable forms a connection between the accelerator cable and the throttle cable. This accelerator cable is sometimes known as throttle cable also. It has two part outer cable which is made up of rubber and metal whereas the inner cable is made up of metal wire.

With repeated use of cable, the cable can be worn out due to heat and friction. And hence, you may notice that the accelerator cable snapped.

Why Your Accelerator Cable Snapped?

The accelerator cable is vital to maintaining the quality of your cars of drivability. If the accelerator cable fails, you can found a noticeable issue.

Nowadays, the electronics accelerator cable is used in the new cars. But still few cars this mechanical use accelerator cable is present Usually there are few symptoms which can be identified visually

1. The Outer Covering Damage

As we know accelerator cables have two parts. The outer part which is covered with metal cable can get damaged when it comes to contact with either any sharp edges or engine components that are present on the side of the outer part covering. Because the cable is under constant stress it can be susceptible to breaking.

2. Delayed Accelerator Response Time

Generally, the gas pedal depressed the engine and the vehicle begins to the accelerator. If you notice that there is any delay in response after pressing the pedal, make sure there is any problem with the accelerator cable. It might be accelerator cable gets stretched over time.  Delayed response can be the problem of cable slack adjustment.

3. Cruise Control Problem

Cruise control helps the driver to control the throttle and helps the car continuing cruising at the same speed. It is used instead of pressing the accelerator pedal and acts as an actuator.

You notice any problem with cruise control due to any sudden change in tension from the pedal such as jerking, bending when you activate the cruise. Surely, there are problems regarding the accelerator cable. Because both the cable are connected to the same throttle body, the problem in one can affect the other.

How To Fix A Broken Accelerator Cable?

Most of the time the accelerator belt will live the last of the car’s life. But sometimes it has to be replaced when the cable gets stretched or bent or snapped.

If your accelerator cable snapped problem follow the following steps

1. Locate The Accelerator Cable

First, open the hood of your car. Find the exact location of the accelerator cable which is attached to the throttle body on one side and another side to the driver’s side floor found in the accelerator pedal. You will find the accelerator cable on the right side of the engine.

2. Remove The Accelerator Cable

  1. The accelerator cable is disconnected from the throttle body. This is done basically by pushing the throttle bracket forward and sliding out the cable through a slotted hole.
  2. Disconnect the throttle cable from the retaining bucket that holds its intake to the manifold by pressing on the tabs and move it out. It may also have a small retaining clip that must be pried off using a screwdriver.
  3. Pull the accelerator through the firewall from the engine compartment into the interior.
  4. Disconnect the accelerator cable from the accelerator pedal by lifting on the pedal and sliding the cable through the slotted hole.

3. The New Cable Is Installing

  1. Push the new cable through the firewall and into the engine compartment.
  2. Slide the new cable through the accelerator pedal.
  3. Reconnect the throttle cable through the retaining bracket by pressing on the tab and wiggling it or sliding it into the place and secure it with clips.
  4. Reconnect the accelerator cable by either pushing the throttle bracket forward and sliding the cable out through a slotted hole.
  5. Now close the hood, turn on the ignition of the car and drive the car. You will notice much difference from before.

Once you replace the accelerator cable yourself, your car should accelerate better and any past issue will resolve.

It is suggested that to get a mechanic to check the accelerator cable in your car. The accelerator is abnormally inflexible and does not come back upright way, call the mechanic. Whenever you are in the middle of the road and the accelerator stops responding in the middle of the highway, pull the car to the side of the road. Call the tow truck to take the car to the mechanics or take help from the police.

How To Adjust The Accelerator Cable?

Sometimes the accelerator cable gets either too tightened or too loose. the accelerator cable is too tight, the car will not properly idle and consume fuel quickly. Accelerator cable is too loose then the car will respond very slow when you press the gas pedal.

To fix this adjustment you have to follow the few following steps below it

  1. Lift the hood and locate the accelerator cable on the right side of the engine compartment. There are two lug nuts on the cable. The nut present in the front of the car is the lock nut whereas the nut present in the back is the deflection adjustment on the cable.
  2. Losen the nut with the wrench.
  3. Adjust the deflection adjustment nut which is responsible for this problem. Turn the nut until the deflection is in the middle of the cable.
  4. Once done with the adjustment problem. Close the hood.

How Much It Cost To Replace The Accelerator Cable?

The cost of replacing the accelerator cable depends on the type of the car and the auto motor service center. It generally varies from 300$ to 400$. The labor cost and parts cost are part of the cost of accelerator cable. The part cost is within 200$ and the remaining are the labor cost.


Though manufacturers allocate special attention to the accelerator cable as it is part of driver safety. But still, you have to inspect not only the accelerator cable and also another cable every six months to ensure your cable has no damage or needs any replacement. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a worse position in the middle of the high road or driving is very slow.

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