Why The Car Door Light Won’t Turn Off?

Each Door in the car is equipped with a sensor that can tell whether the door is open or securely closed. However, a fault present in an electrical or mechanical component can cause the door warning light to remain on when the doors are closed and possibly cause the interior light on.

Now you think this is a minor problem but when you always come home at night this, at that time this will not the minor. You did not have time to take the car to the garage and you want to solve the issue by yourself. Read the article and make sure to know everything about why your car door light won’t turn off.

What Does The Car Door Light mean?

The car computer thinks one of the doors remains open when the door light won’t turn off. Every time you switch on the engine moving to make sure this light isn’t on. If the door lights on, immediately it gives a warning sign-on if your door is opened. Remember that the hood and the trunk are included in this, even close them properly.

If you do not notice and the door remains open, it becomes risky and dangerous.

Why The Car Door Light Won’t Turn Off?

If your car door, the hood, and the trunk are closed but still the car door light won’t turn off, it means there is a good chance that the sensor has gone destroy inside of the dashboard. Depending on the car lies the potential for the issue to connect with the door and the door latch. Since most of the vehicles have metallic properties a connection could be made from the door to the base of the vehicle.

This is the issue where arises if the connector is corroded or painted over for not allowing the current to flow. In that case, steel wool can help to remove the surroundings parts and finally turn off the door light.

If you still find the same issue that the car door light won’t turn off, this issue arises from the dead battery. Just take the car to the nearest mechanics or automotive shop.

How To Fix A Damaged Car Door Light?

If you do not solve the problem of car door light, it is sure it has a problem in fuse although it differs from one vehicle to another. The only way to know about is first located the wire in manual owner and follow the steps

1. Fuse Is Blown

The fuse can blow and still look fine, so the only way to find the fuse with the help of a test light.

It is the easiest way to check the fuse is blown or not with the test light. First, you have to clamp one end to barrel metal somewhere on your car and then touch the probe and end with each side of the fuse. Put the ignition key in the on position, and check the test light it should be illuminated when you touch both sides of the fuse.

If your test light stays dark on one side of the fuse, that means the fuse is blown. You have to change the fuse with the exact size of the fuse. If the fuse becomes bigger in size, it can damage the wiring in the car.

2.  Wiring Problem And Shorts And Interior Light

It is a very common problem, the fuse has blown without another underlying problem. A blown interior light fuse means there are no shorts in the system. It could be a permanent or temporary fault.

The only way to know about it, by changing the fuse. If you change the blown interior light fuse and it has blown again that means there is a problem with the short circuit. This problem can be solved by yourself but the attention of shorts is required by some professional mechanics.

Most of the short can be traced to the location where the wire bend and crimps, so that is the best place to start. As you have a light sensor located in the door, you will find the circuit problem one of these circuits.

3. Bad Door Switch

This door switch can be found in the jamb of the car’s door. Thus it often refers to a door jamb switch. Generally, the interior light depends upon the door open and close. The light usually comes on when the door is open and the light shuts off when the door is closed. This process relies on the switch present in the door jamb.

This switch is cover with a rubber boot that you can pry off with a flat blade screwdriver. This can be unscrewed easily.

If you have a multimeter, you can test the switch by connecting both terminals and checking for continuity. Now you can activate the switch and check again. If the reading does not show, you have to change the switch.

4. Check the interior light

After checking all the fuses and door jamb switches, if everything seems to be fine, you will be dealing with a complex problem. It is not easy to fix this problem by yourself. So we recommended going to the technician for an effective solution.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Issue?

The price you have to pay for the replacement will be around 50$-125$. This cost includes the labor charge which varies between the mechanics.


Even though the problem of your car door light won’t turn off is very small compared to the other problem in the car,  still you have to fix it for safety advice.

As someone who rides the car has to face the issue. While the actual process of fixing is very easy and you can fix it by yourself to avoid the labor cost. Take the car to professional mechanics unless you cannot handle it.

If this article helps you to fix the issue, go through the article properly. Share it with others who face the same issue.

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