Why Your Car Indicators Not Working On One Side?

Indicators or turn signal is very important for the safety of the car. They allow other drivers to know where you are going so that they can stay away from your way. Therefore it is very crucial if the car indicators are malfunctioning. It is also illegal to drive when the car indicators not working. You may fail your next warrant of fitness if these lights are not working as they should.

You can often tell when an indicator bulb is not working because instead of flashing at once per second it will and making the ticking noise faster at twice the speed.

Why Your Car Indicators Not Working?

Let us find out why has your indicators started malfunctioning.

1. Turning Signal Does Not Work

The turn signal bulb is a two-filament type. Make sure both the filament are in good condition and the bulbs are not darkening. Otherwise, replace the bulb with a  new one of the same wattage and type. The turning light bulb socket can be damaged or corrosion. In case you do not know how to check the turning light, immediately go to the repair shop for examine.

2. Hazard Light Does Not Work

This hazard light is also known as an emergency light. When you notice hazard lights do not work but the turning signal work. You have a problem with hazard lights. Check the fuse, if the flash unit is a working unit. Also, check the electrical open or short circuit in the wiring that connects to the external light.

3. Turn Light Flash Too Fast Or Too Slow

It is not a common problem but sometimes occurs. When you notice a turn light flash too fast or too slow, there must be a problem because you have installed the wrong type of bulb or flasher for your vehicle model. Or the bulb can be burned out, this burnout bulb can cause the flash too fast.

4. Turn Signal Don’t Flush

This is the most common cause of car indicators not working. In case of emergency lights and turn signals illuminate but don’t flash, check first a burnout bulb. If the bulb is ok, check for the bad flash unit or bad turn signal switch.

5. Turn Indicator On Dash Don’t Flush

Turn indicator on the dash doesn’t flash it is a big issue. First, you have to check the turn light flasher unit or check the bulb. The bulb socket can be corrosion or damaged. Check for the bad ground of the socket. Check if there is any open in the circuit or not between the light the does not work and turn the signal switch.

6. Turn Indicator Won’t Work

You may notice that the turn car indicators not working but the turn flashlight works properly. This can because due to the blown-out indicator bulb, corroded bulb socket, bad ground, and a flasher unit problem.

7. The Turn Signal Switch

In case the turn signal stop working, it can be for several reasons such as due to a bad bulb in the turn signal or the dash indicator. It can be the reason for the blown fuse. Also, check a bad flesher or a bad turn signal switch assembly. To fix the turn signal switch follow the vehicle’s owner manual.

8. Turn Light Don’t Turn Off

It is a special case. It is used due to the mechanical operation of the signal switch rather than an electrical operation failure. In this case, either the canceling finger inside the switch is broken or the canceling cam is broken.

How To Fix The Car Indicators?

To perform these troubleshooting steps, you have to follow the vehicle’s owner’s manual which contains the schematic diagram of all-electric components.

1. Identify The Turn Signal Bulb Not Working

Normally there are two turning bulbs on the driver side and the remaining two on the passenger side. Even at the front of the vehicle and another one at the back of the vehicle. Open the hood and unscrew the bolts attaching the bulb. So that you can remove that bulb that is not working. Unscrew the bulb and replace it with a new one. If the problem gets solved, stop in these steps otherwise follow the next step. In case you don’t know about the electric component follow the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

2. Find The Fuse Box

The fuse box is usually found under the dashboard where the turning light indicator is usually found. Remove the fuse with a new one with the help of a plier. Insert the new fuse by pressing the finger on it. In case the problem does not solve, follow the next stop otherwise stop.

3. Follow The Owners Manual

According to the owner’s manual book, in case you need not find the fuse under the dashboard, then you have to open the whole part or all the dashboard to access the bulb.

You notice that signal display and flashes correctly follow the next step. If you notice that the turning bulb is lashing too fast or too slow, open the bulb and install the correct variant of bulb for solving the problem. Then follow the next step.

4. Battery Terminal

By using the adjustable wrench, disconnect the negative battery terminal from the negative battery post.

5. Remove The Cover

By using the flathead screwdriver open the cover around the area of the steering column where the turn signal flasher and turn signal assembly are located.

6. Unplug The Flasher

There are three-prong, two vertical and one horizontal. Apply one test wire to the horizontal prong and another one to the vertical prong. Listen to hear the flasher click. In case you do not click, test it again by using the horizontal prong and the other vertical prong. Again if you do not hear, change the flasher. In case replacement does not resolve, your turn signal switch is bad.


In case the indicator is not functioning properly, take the car to the mechanics or nearby garage for an indicator repair. And if you want to save a labor cost, take help from this article and repair it by yourself.

An indicator inspection and repair will help you stay safe on the road as well as avoid any unwanted fines.

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