Why The Car Radio Volume Decreases On Its Own?

Everyone loves to listen to their favorite song while driving in the car stereo system. At the same time, it gets annoyed when you notice the problem in the system in the middle of the long tour journey. the most common problem is when car radio volume decreases on its own. At that time one part of your radio system get malfunction and spoil the mood. Diagnose the problem of the radio system is quite a challenging type if you never handle any issue before or you don’t have any little knowledge about the technician. Below here are some common systems and its solution so that at least temporarily you can fix them without spiling the mood.

Common Problems With Car Radio Volume

The most often common reason why the radio of the volume of the car decreases on its own is either problem with the amplifier or losing cable. To deal with all this problem and other symptoms you have to follow below to know every part of the radio system.

1. Amplifier

The car amplifier has a protection circuit that gets destroy when the noise crosses its limit. This can be the reason car radio volume decreases on its own.

2. Gain Knob

This is one type of knob which helps to increase or decrease the volume. It is not similar to the volume knob. The gain knob does not change the volume nut rather it adjusts the incoming signal from the amplifier.

If the speaker volume decreases on its own, you have to check the amplifier. Set it at the point where your music gets at loud which means when your volume is in 3/4 of maximum. As result, the volume gets decreases automatically, the problem with the amplifier.

3. Check The Heat

Most of the time all car audio installers, all the subwoofer installers, mount the amplifier into the trunk. And due to this, it might be hot enough when you turn on your favorite song as there is no ventilation. As a result, there will be a problem with the car audio and car radio volume decreases on its own.

4. Grounding Wire

A loose or undersized grounding wire can be another cause because ground wire will provide enough flow of current to the speaker at a modest level of sound.

When you hear the song at a high level the grounding wire cannot send enough power to the speaker and when this happens, the voltage drop. As a result, the why the radio of the car volume decreases on its own.

5. Insufficient Power

Insufficient power can be one of the causes. If you notice the radio of the car volume decreases on its own, it means your subwoofer might be sucking up more current than your alternator will provide.

6. Speakers

The amplifier is fine when you notice then it will be the cause with the speaker.

7.  Antenna

The antenna problem is the most common problem among all of these causes. This cause occurs due to not receiving the proper signal from the radio station.

What To Do If The Car Radio Volume Decreases On Its Own?

Fixing ann car radio volume is not at all an easy task to do. Better to get the fix from some expertise or technician. Still, there is some problem which can be noticeable by our own eyes. To know that you have to follow the steps

  1. Take the car user manual book, locate the fuse panel of your car. Then open the fuse panel.
  2. You have to remove and inspect the fuse which is controlling the car radio system. Look at the end of the fuse.
  3. If you notice any cracks in a small silver filament or burnt glass tubing near the silver filament, it’s time to replace the fuse with the new one if you have one. Otherwise buy the whole set of fuse which contains about 250 fuses and it cost a very minimal amount.
  4. After checking the fuse if the radio volume works, it’s fine otherwise you have to follow the next step.
  5. Check the amplifier of your car. Remove the amplifier with the help of a screwdriver or some other tools such as a hex wrench.
  6. Different amplifiers depend upon different instruments to remove from their housing but mostly the head screwdriver is required.
  7. After removing the amplifier, check all the cables whether it is connected properly or not. If not connected properly, take them out and attach them properly.
  8. Now take a tester to taste the amplifier. If it is fine, you need not have proceeded to the next step otherwise proceed for the next step.
  9. Losing cable is another common issue as we know. Look at the edge of the amplifier because sometimes housing gets attached to the metallic part.
  10. If housing gets attached, cover it with electrical tape for precaution.
  11. After fixing all the parts of the car radio, if you still fill a problem with the volume, you have to follow the next steps.
  12. The antenna of the radio is the main cause of car radio volume decreases on its own. It can be easily noticeable when your car is in motion and the volume of the radio is going down but other CD/DVD volumes are working properly then it is the cause of an antenna.

  13. In that case, you have to find a new antenna to fix the problem with the car radio.


With the following tips and tricks in the mind, you can easily repair all the problems on your own. You have to simply diagnose the problem and try to fix the issue first on your own before going to a local repair shop or expertise to prevent from spending lots of money.

You don’t need any electric engine to fix the problem, you have to know just a basic knowledge of how your system work and the various things that the system can get wrong which help you to figure out the problem.

In case any part has to get damage, you need a proper treatment or replacement to that part, take the car to the expert mechanics for getting rid of the problem.

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