Why The Car Radio Volume Knob Not Working?

The radio volume knob is the rotatory pulse generator. Mostly it produces a digital signal which looks like two square waves with a 90-degree phase difference. The electronics that run your radio can tell which way to turn the knob and it is turned by the sequence of its transition of the two signals.

The amplitude of the signal is coming out directly out of the car radio which is not enough to drive the speaker to get out the sound of the car speaker. The amount of amplitude is different. So to get the sound, you have to use the volume knob to increase or decrease the sound.

In past, when you turned the volume knob it turned a volume resistor in an analog circuit. This made your amplifier do mote or less increasing of that signal into a stronger one. In the new model of the car, the volume knob changes send the pulses that are counted by a digital circuit and then that pulse sends the amplification. In this article, lets discuss why your car radio volume knob not working and how you can fix it.

Why Volume Knob In Car Not Working?

The radio must work in tandem with another audio component, Higher end cars often have an onboard amplifier. If the amplifier doesn’t get enough electricity, the volume knob will to work at all. If the volume knob in car not working then it can be due to several potential reasons.

1. Blown Fuse

The most common reason behind the car radio volume knob not working is the blown fuse. If the radio volume knob doesn’t work, it can be a good chance of one or more blown fuse. This could be verified by testing the radio for the power and ground with the voltmeter as well as inspection for a blown fuse.

2. Wiring Short

If one of the wires has shorted out in the audio system, it can be one of the reasons behind the issue. You will see no operation at all. Even you can see an erratic operation if the problem is from wiring short.

3. Damage Antenna

The problem can be with the antenna. A damaged antenna means your radio is not receiving the signal from the station. This means you have to change or replace it with a new head unit itself.

4. Speaker Wire Damage

The car radio is working and you are not getting the sound then it is definitely the problem with speaker wire damage. Due to this speaker wire damage, the volume knob does not work well. This runs through the cabin, connecting each speaker to the head unit.

How To Repair Car Radio Volume Knob Not Working?

A small issue with the volume knob may occur when you twist the knob, the volume increases a little and stop. Sometimes it goes in the opposite direction or sometimes it stops. To solve this issue use these tricks so that you don’t have to suffer for this.

1. Cleaning The Radio Parts

Volume Knob has some disorder such as it ceased to turn down the volume. This is due to the breaking part in the radio knob.

Follow the steps as described below

  • To open the radio, first, unscrew all the fixing screws and remove the back cover.

  • Remove the front cover.
  • Getting to the volume control is not so hard but it prevents from removing the handle. It is easily removed but sometimes the mechanics seals the radio knob with sealant. Remove the upper part by turning down the knob folding. This nob folding has stayed on the rest on the top of the bent metal plates.
  • Then wipe all the friction part that is a rotary switch and some contact in the form of antenna. Wiping is done with the alcohol dipped in the cotton swab.

  • Clean the joints of contact platelets and glue them into place.
  • After cleaning make sure that all are arranged in the reverse order. If you broke one of the parts of the radio volume knob, don’t worry just glue the part for reusable.
  • Finally, you can go for the check for a safe.

2. Reset The Program

Make sure that by doing this procedure you have to lose all the data and erase all the settings

  • Turn off the ignition and remove the car key from the ignition switch.
  • Remove the faceplate from the car radio.
  • Now use some pointed object to press and release the reset button underneath the faceplate.

  • Please check whether the knob on the faceplate and other switch is stuck or not by pressing the switch.
  • Clean the meta terminal present in the backside of the faceplate with any rubbing alcohol dap in cotton balls.
  • Reattach the faceplate.
  • Insert the key in the ignition cylinder to start the car.

  • Try using the button on the faceplate to reprogram the time and station preset.
  • If the knob is not working, repeat the steps once from the beginning.
  • Still, the car radio not wrong, go to the mechanics for better performance.

What Will The Cost To Replace The Radio Volume Knob?

The price for the radio volume knob will vary between 4$ to 25$. This price includes two-part. Firstly, the cost of the part and secondly the labor cost. The cost part will be within 10$ which will differ in type what will you prefer and it also depends upon the cause of the problem. We suggest if you can replace the radio volume knob and have some technical knowledge, do it yourself to avoid such unnecessary labor cost.


While a nonfunctional radio part will not any effect on the car or no problem will occur while driving but it limits the entertainment. It can be also a safety issue by keeping awake the driver while driving.

Whenever you push the volume knob, it going to the menu but turning the dial does not adjust volume or scroll through the menu. If the volume knob in car not working then follow the tricks present in the article. If you cant do it by yourself, call the mechanics to inspect and diagnose the problem and repair the system for you.

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