Fix My Car Wobbles When Driving Slow? [3 Methods]

You are on a long drive on the highway, enjoying your journey with music, and suddenly you notice your car wobbles when driving slow. Don’t panic as most people commonly detect this kind of issue it happens because of the steering wheels as the gear stick is your interface to the car on the road, it’s only natural that it would be the first sign of it ever being broken or out of equilibrium.

If you are here in a search of how to fix this issue, you are in the right place as this article is covering all the information like the factors responsible for this, methods to fix it, and much more. So stay tuned!

What Does It Mean By Car Wobbles When Driving Slow?

When there is a rip in the joint boot and you notice your automobile vibrating under high pressure even when you are driving your car at slow speed is called car wobbles when driving slow. There are quite a variety of factors causing your car to shake. In a nutshell, oscillations can be caused by something which circulates.

Causes Of Car Bouncing At Low Speed :

When people are confronted with a circumstance like this, there are a few typical and fundamental reasons they experience. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Unbalanced Tire:

This is the most common reason why your car wobbles when driving slow as we all know tires work according to the instructions of the steering wheels, so it’s only normal for tire problems to come through the wheel. Inspect the tires for terrain areas as this might cause inconsistent under-inflated tires. Especially when the car hasn’t been driven in a while.

2. Flattened Spots:

This is another obvious reason for car vibration at low speed, this condition usually arises when your car’s breaks get frozen, The freezing of the breaks causes flat spots. It happens when the automobile had been kept for a lengthy moment.

3. Faulty Engine:

When people face any situation like a car wobbling they detect a faulty engine as the reason behind the happening of the certain event. In such cases air induction, fuel system, and ignition difficulties might cause the automobile to run rough, culminating in a noticeable disturbance from the undercarriage.

4. Caliper For The Brakes:

A faulty caliper can also be responsible for arising the situation of a wobbling car while driving slow. What exactly happens in such cases is the gear stick will begin to vibrate, accompanied by a smoking odor at 50 miles per hour. It most probably occurs in brand new automobiles, however, it is mainly associated with older vehicles.

5. Issue In Axle:

This is another main cause of car wobbles when driving slow, what kind of issue does the axle occur? In this scenario, the connections are really what connects the axel to the tires, and if these wear out, grinding may occur inside one involved in defining but not the other.

How To Fix Wobbly Tire On A Car?

Every problem arises with valid solutions, so accordingly following are some ways by which you can overcome this situation by using suitable methods to fix car wobbling at low speed.

Method 1: Replacing Motor Mounts

The motor is the main component of your automobile, you should check the motor of your car, it should be in a better condition, if you detect it faulty you must replace it soon as it may arise some other issues too.

Method 2: Replacement of Tire and Brake:

This is the most important and realistic method of solving car vibration issues as if the tire and brake are the souls of your vehicle. We must not take any risks in these areas. If the problem is with tires and brakes you must replace them without delay and keep it in a mind to use a good quality component whenever you are replacing any parts of your automobile.


Method 3: Fix An Appointment With A Mechanic:

When you can’t seem to figure out why your car wobbles when driving slow, don’t dive too much because sometimes difficulties are minor and we dramatize them, thus in these circumstances, we recommend consulting a professional for assistance.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Wobbling Issue Of Car When Driving Slow?

One needs to keep $200 to $600 to fix the issue of car vibration at low speed, you will spend this money on replacing faulty components of your automobile.

Is It Safe To Drive When Car Feels Wobbly?

No, it’s not safe to drive when there is an issue in your car you must fix that wobbling issue then you can continue to drive but if you continue driving without fixing car vibration issues you’ll simply end up causing more damage to the vehicle.

How To Avoid Shaking Of Car?

Do not keep your automobile static for a long time. Keep them well updated. wheel bearings should be properly working, replace the faulty equipment, and avoid using cheap components when you are replacing any part of your car. By doing these things you can easily avoid the wobbling of the car at a slow speed.


If car wobbles when driving slow, a flexed position wheel is most likely to blame. We must be able to reliably drive our automobiles. As if we drive harshly, it can badly affect your car’s components. Every part of the vehicle is linked to each other, and damage in one may have a bad impact on others. Because we want our cars to work perfectly, we want them to without any technical issues, we must examine their issues as well.

When any problems occur in our vehicle, folks usually come first on the internet before taking it to a mechanic, so I hope you will find this information beneficial, and that you will be able to get the most out of your vehicle as a result of it. If you are stuck on any other issues with your car, you can mention them in the comment box, We will make every effort to respond to you with the best solutions.

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