How To Deglaze Brake Rotors Of Your Car?

Quite simply, brake glazing is the hardening of the brake friction material due to excessive heat. To complicate matters, the hard glazing typically transfers from the pad surface onto the brake disk. That means the friction component is significantly diminished, resulting in reduced braking performance and often a noticeable brake vibration when brake pad material … Read more

How To Improve Car Acceleration?

To develop the power to quickly accelerate, an internal combustion engine needs to breathe. It takes in a precise amount of air and fuel that is compressed and ignited in the combustion chamber. Then exhaust gases are quickly exhaled out the tailpipe. Anything that disrupts this delicately balanced process results in power loss. Engine performance … Read more

Fix My Car Wobbles When Driving Slow? [3 Methods]

You are on a long drive on the highway, enjoying your journey with music, and suddenly you notice your car wobbles when driving slow. Don’t panic as most people commonly detect this kind of issue it happens because of the steering wheels as the gear stick is your interface to the car on the road, it’s only natural that it would be the first sign of it ever being broken or out of equilibrium. If you are … Read more