How To Deglaze Brake Rotors Of Your Car?

Quite simply, brake glazing is the hardening of the brake friction material due to excessive heat. To complicate matters, the hard glazing typically transfers from the pad surface onto the brake disk. That means the friction component is significantly diminished, resulting in reduced braking performance and often a noticeable brake vibration when brake pad material … Read more

How To Make Car Aux Louder?

Aux input has become a staple feature of modern car stereo systems. However, factory-fitted stereos in old vehicles don’t have one, and hence, you can’t pay your cell phone or mp3 player playlist on those audio systems. In case you don’t want to get rid of your classic stereo but also want to play hundreds … Read more

What Are ASC System Service Required?

The active stability control takes overall control of the anti-lock brake system, traction control function, and stability control function to help maintain the vehicle’s control and traction. An anti-lock brake system, ABS, is a system that is designed to prevent you from locking up your brakes. Also applying so much pressure to your brakes that … Read more