How To Clean Car Speaker Holes? [Step By Step]

Car speakers are made up of different types of material which prone to collect dust. The most prone area is speaker cones, centered dust cap, and rubber outer surrounded. When it comes to the part of the how to clean car speakers holes, you have to clean it with proper maintenance otherwise it can get damaged. The three main things you required to clean the speaker are a clean brush, a vacuum cleaner, and a can of compressed air. And it is strictly recommended not to use any cleaning agent.

In case you want an amazing sound speaker system in the car, you know how important to keep clean in good shape, and sounding perfect. There is a special way to clean the speaker so as not to damage it and keep a sound quality as good as you have heard it the first time. Grills are made up of metal, fabric, or plastic and are pretty easy to clean and take care of. You just need some handy equipment, sometimes, and know how to clean car speaker holes.

The Equipment Are Require For Cleaning The Speakers Holes

You won’t need any special tools to clean car speaker holes but handy tools. Before going for cleaning, you have to take handy and affordable tools.

  1. Flat blade screwdriver

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Dry cleaning powder spray that contains liquified petroleum gas
  3. Compressed air can

  1. Face mask
  2. Dust brush

  1. Mild detergent
  2. Warm water
  3. Microfiber cloth

  1. Lint roller

How To Clean Car Speaker Holes?

Over time the speaker grills get clogged with oil, dirt, mud, and some of this element. Thus it ideal to clean the speaker just to ensure that it lives longer. Simply read down the following steps to know how to clean the speaker’s grills

1. Remove The Speaker Grills

  1. First, gather the all necessary equipment require for cleaning the car speaker holes.
  2. But before that, you have to ensure that no cables are attached with car stereo amplitude. If it is connected, disconnect it as soon as possible. If you do not know how to disconnect the speaker grills, ensure that the stereo is turned off.
  3. The fabric which is attached at the top of the speaker grill can easily remove by tugging them gently from the top side of the corner. Use the fingertips to loosen the prongs. And do the something at the bottom corner of the speaker grills.
  4. Some of the car speakers are cover securely with screws. These screws are located at the corner or the edge of the speaker grills. In this case, you have to remove all the screws very securely with the help of a flat head screwdriver. Because there is a rubber gasket beneath the grill and we have to carefully remove that grill without damaging that gasket.

2. Cleaning The Fabric Car Speaker Grills

  1. Now everything is ready, you have removed every part of the speaker grills. Now it’s time to cleaning.
  2. When you clean the fabric of the grills, use the vacuum hose with the dust brush so that the dust easily sucks up from the fabric.
  3. Once the vacuuming is done, clean the fabric with a dry cleaning powder spray with a cleaning reagent. This dry cleaning powder spray is used because it contains a liquified petroleum gas that absorbs the dirt and oil very easily. Before using the spray always wear a face mask.
  4. Keep the fabric for drying. As a result, it changes its appearance and forms a whitish powder.
  5. If you get the dry cleaner spray containing the LP gas, spray the cleaner with the solvent mixture such as denatured alcohol.
  6. In some car models, the speaker grills are too tough that they can be removed. So, use mild detergent powder put into the warm water. Then use a mixture on a very soft microfiber cloth. Clean that grill carefully, remember to rinse with water and a cloth. Allow the fabric to dry before reattaching the speaker grills.

3. Cleaning Speaker Grills

  1. In case your car speaker grills are made up of plastic or metal, you can easily clean both sides of the grills with the help of a microfibre cloth or sponge.
  2. Clean the grills cover with the help of cleaning detergent. Then wash with plain water both the grills and grills cover.
  3. If your speaker grills are made up of plastic, make sure the grills are completely dry before attaching them back to the car speaker because they can bend easily.

4. Clean Non-Removable Speaker Grills

  1. In the case of non-removal speaker grills, you have to use compressed air to remove all the dirt. You can also use the lint roller.
  2. If the dirt enters the speaker, it becomes more challenging to clean the speaker’s holes. So better clean the speaker in a very short interval of time.
  3. Use wet cleaning sparingly to prevent the water from seeping into the speaker.

This is an easy process to take care of and know how to clean car speaker holes. Now you can attach the parts back to the speaker.


Allowing dust, mud, and something like that will affect the cones and the way they function. It also shortens the life span of the speakers. Cleaning them on regular basis reduces the chance of the dust from getting further into the speaker. In case you don’t understand how to remove the speaker grills, it better to study the user manual book to better understand how to remove them. In this article clearly, the steps are written on how to clean car speaker holes of both the speakers.

A good speaker is capable of producing clear and sounds. Therefore to produce sounds like as first time you hear you have to maintain properly. Doing the maintenance of the speaker is the far easy way. So, without wasting too much money by giving the car to the mechanics you can do it yourself. Well, that is some information which we summarized about the tips to clean the speaker holes to be free from dust and dirt properly.

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