How To Connect Phone To Car Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology to replace the cable connecting electronic device. It allows the person to have the phone conservation via a headset. Generally, the device which is connected with Bluetooth is very secure from hacking. As they work from different frequencies and jump between these frequencies were 100s of time for every second which is called frequency-hopping spread system.

Bluetooth system in the car helps the driver to connect the mobile phone with the stereo system in your vehicle. So you can make hand-free calls and receive free phone calls through the speaker system without using the mobile device. Below there are few steps, follow that and you will able to know about how to connect phone to car Bluetooth.

What Is Bluetooth Pairing?

The process of setting up the Bluetooth network is referred to as Bluetooth pairing because the system consists of pairing only one device. Even you can pair multiple devices with one other which is secure and unique.

To pair a car stereo with a phone device, both of them should have a Bluetooth facility. Most of the car offers the Bluetooth facility to take calls without using the phone or hearing the songs without using the cable. But some older does not have but you can add this facility until or unless if you need this type of facility.

What To Have Before Pairing The Device?

1. Hands-Free Calling

In case you need a hands-free calling, before that you need some essential tools for pairing such as Bluetooth enabled cell phone, Bluetooth enabled car audio system and the PIN for your audio system.

2. Verifying Of Phone

Pairing a phone device with the car audio system may vary from one model to another model of the car. And it also depends upon what type of phone you have. Although the first step of having the essential tools are similar in every time of pairing.

The first step of pairing the phone and car audio system is needed to verify both have Bluetooth. Turn on your phone if your phone is off and find the Bluetooth symbol. This symbol is alike the alphabet of B overlaid with the alphabet X. You will probably find it either in the menu or in the phone status area.

3. Car Audio System Bluetooth

Some car especially the new model of the car has the button that you can press the button to start the pairing process. But in some of the vehicles, the process is a bit complicated and in that case, you have to look through the menu of the stereo system.

In case you do not find the Bluetooth option in the car, follow the owner’s manual book for how to connect the phone to car Bluetooth. This is how to connect phone to car Bluetooth.

How To Connect Phone To Car Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth pairing process between the phone and the car is not all time similar. So below there is some common step which you can follow for pairing.

1. Initiate The Pairing

Start pairing the Bluetooth pairing process on your car stereo. Sometimes the process varies from one car to another in the case of hands-free calling. In that case, several questions are going to ask one by one you have to answer. And then complete the process. Now go forward to the mobile.

2. Phone Set-Up Menu

Next, go to the phone menu and select the wireless and network option. From there you will find the Bluetooth option, then switch on the Bluetooth option of your phone and search for the nearest Bluetooth device.

3. Bluetooth Setting Sub Menu

Make sure the Bluetooth antenna is switched on before going to the submenu. Then select the Bluetooth submenu.

4. Select the Stereo

At the bottom of your phone screen after Bluetooth stop searching nearby devices, you will find a list of Bluetooth devices. From that list just find your car stereo Bluetooth and select it.

5. Enter PIN

After selecting the correct Bluetooth device, they most probably ask for the pairing PIN. This PIN may vary from stereo to stereo but usually, it is 0000. Thus a pairing process will be complete.

6. Enjoy Your Music

Select the Bluetooth audio as the source on your car stereo. And enjoy your mp3 as well as internet radio service wireless over Bluetooth.

7. Send And Receive Of The Phone Calls

After pairing the Bluetooth device make sure everything works properly related to the Bluetooth. Most important of sending and receiving the calls. In some cars, they have a single switch to control the stereo system and attending the call but even many of the cars different switches for controlling the audio and calls. Finally, with the help of following the above steps, you can easily know about how to connect phone to car Bluetooth.

What To Do If The Bluetooth Device Won’t Work

Why your car is facing from pairing device you never know but here are some tips to fix the issue.

  1. Try the device on and off.
  2. Select the “forget this device” option in the phone and again reconnect the device.
  3. Disconnect the other device that is connected to the stereo as you can only pair only one device.
  4. Bring the phone closer to the stereo system.
  5. Make sure the Bluetooth device is on and your device is ready to pair up as soon as possible.
  6. Make sure the power-saving mode of your phone should be off.
  7. Enable the Bluetooth device if in the default that was the default.


Bluetooth lets you make and receive calls with your hand on the wheel and your eyes on the road. First, ensure that your car’s Bluetooth is compatible with your phone. Then you can pair the phone to the vehicle system can automatically import your phone books and calls history. You can pair additional phones as well, up to six at a time. Once the system is paired, you will notice that the pairing is complete. Bluetooth pairing can only be done when the car is in the park.


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