How To Disable Check Engine Light Permanently?

Your check engine light typically comes on when the is a problem with your emission control system or another computer-controlled system in your car. The light generates a code that can help you narrow down the problem so that you can get it fixed. You may also need to reset the light if your car is a manual transmission system after the repairing if the code is not disabled permanently.

In this article, we suggest the best way of how to disable check engine light permanently just below this. If your car manufacture before 1996, you can easily be disabled by disconnect the cable from the batteries.

How To Disable Check Engine Light Permanently?

The simplest way to disable check engine lights permanently is OBD2 Scanner. But if you cannot do with it, there is another possible way to disable the engine light, We always suggest taking the first chance with the OBD2 Sensor then with different techniques.

Below there is an elaborate description of the ways to know how to disable check engine light permanently.

1. Use An OBD2 Scanner

You can disable the engine light with the help of an OBD2 Scanner and wrench very easily. These economic readers examine and clear the engine code.

To proceed with the process first you have to attach the OBD Sensor to the OBD port of the port located underneath the dash area. It might require opening the fuse box door of the car. Next after connecting press the enter button. Next ought to inspect the engine for error codes. As a result, all error codes will be displayed by the sensor. Then scroll down to find the alternative to wipe out the code. Press enter to remove the codes and reorganized the check engine light.

2. Battery Disconnection Techniques

This is the first technique to know how to disable check engine light permanently without the OBD2 Sensor. This convenient way may work on your car or may not.

To achieve this technique first you have to open the hood of the car with the help of the wrench, Separate the positive power cable connected to the battery with the wrench. Now disengage the battery and keep for 20 minutes. Next turn on the ignition power three times. As a result, this will remove all the memory and then proceed to join the positive power cable and the ignition power. Wait for a minute and observe the check engine light.

3. Turn The Ignition On And Off

Turning the ignition switch on and off are the hard reset method without disconnecting the batteries. To disable check engine light permanently in some vehicles can be done reset the problem codes that triggered the earliest fault after the car are put on and off thrice I progression. To achieve the technique you have to turn on the ignition switch then turn on the ignition switch continuously twice times before proceeding to drive the car. You will notice that the check engine light permanently gets disable.

4. Let it Go Off Itself

This is another possible way to disable the check engine light is to wait and let it go turn off by itself. To achieve this you have to just drive the car to wherever you wish to go and you have to wait for the next three days. Cars computer work continuously and refresh their present stage. If the check engine light is still on after three days, it means the matter is not still rectified and you have to chose another alternative way to disable the check engine light.

5. Pull The Fuse And Put Back

This is another possible way to know how to disable the check engine light permanently by pulling the fuse and put back again. Although this technique does not work on the new car rather it works on the old car. It is very easy to try. Check your repair manual to find the fuse to the engine control unit.

What To Do If The Check Engine Light Returns?

After disabling the check engine lights permanently by using any of the above techniques, the light reappears after a few days. In this case, there is a problem with your car. Without using again the same above technique take the car to the mechanics who can read the codes of the car and disable the light.

Why Your Vehicle Check Engine Lights Might Come On?

There are a total of five reasons to know why your vehicle’s engine lights come on.

1. Catalytic Converter

Damage to the catalytic converter is the most common reason of check engine light comes on. The catalytic converter is the part of the engine exhaust system and the rotten egg smell will arise. The cost of replacing the torque converter is most costlier and with it, the car will not start.

2. Gas Gap

A loose gas cap or over-tightened or cracked or damaged gas cap can be one of the reasons. Thus your car checks engine lights will come on.

3. Mass Air Flow Sensor

Mass airflow is the sensor present in the engine which measures the mix of the right amount of air with the fuel. In case of the wrong amount of air mixing with the fuel, the engine will not start. Thus, the check engine light might turn on.

4. Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is the part of the engine which measures the unburned portion of the oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust system. If there are too many or too few, it could damage another part of the engine and refuse to start the engine, Thus the check engine light might turn on.

5. Sparks Plug

Worn spark plugs can turn ob\n the check engine light. If you use the same spark plugs over 100000 miles, you need to replace them with new ones for a better-performing engine.


Don’t panic if you see the check engine light turns on. It does not mean that you will need to check the car with the mechanics. The problem can trigger the simple and basic. It is very quick to fix the check engine with the above following techniques. Don’t ignore if you face the problem. Get up and quickly fixed as soon as possible.

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