Dodge Durango Auto Start-Stop Not Working: Unleashing Solutions

The auto start-stop technology on the Dodge Durango is often a shining example of fuel economy and environmental friendliness in the world of automobile innovations. But when this helpful mechanism decides to break on its own, the frustration begins. You’re not the only one who has wondered why the auto start-stop feature on your Dodge Durango isn’t functioning properly. This post aims to solve the puzzle by shedding light on the causes of the issue and suggesting workable fixes to restore your auto-start-stop functionality.

Imagine as you stop at a traffic light, you anticipate hearing your engine hum peacefully while it pauses, but it refuses to go off. Don’t worry, we’re going to take you on a tour to understand the auto start-stop malfunction, looking at typical causes including battery problems, weather-related anomalies, misbehaving sensors, and even software errors. So fasten your seatbelts and join us as we negotiate the many steps involved in diagnosing the Dodge Durango auto start-stop not working issue.

Dodge Durango Auto Start-Stop Not Working: What Does It Mean?

When the auto start-stop function on a Dodge Durango isn’t working, it indicates that the feature isn’t operating as it should, which is to automatically turn off the engine when the car is stationary. This function usually cuts emissions and conserves fuel by turning off the engine at short stops, such as those caused by traffic lights. On the other hand, your Durango could not stop and start as it should if you’re having this problem.

Numerous things, including a low battery, extremely high or low temperatures, issues with the sensors, or software bugs, can cause this error. To put it plainly, your automobile isn’t stopping and restarting itself when it ought to, which could have an impact on fuel economy. Your auto start-stop feature can be restarted by investigating remedies and determining the causes of this glitch.

Common Causes Behind Your Dodge Durango Auto Start-Stop Glitch

There are a number of probable factors that could be causing your Dodge Durango auto start-stop not working issue. Let’s put these problems into simple words:

1. Low Voltage Of Battery:

Consider the subterranean power source as your car’s battery. The auto start-stop function may also need a rest if it’s feeling a little worn out. A low battery voltage can cause the system to momentarily deactivate itself by saying, “Wait, I need enough juice to start the engine later.” Resolution? To determine the voltage of the battery, use a multimeter. Give it more energy if it’s low, or think about replacing it with a new one.

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2. Severe Temperatures:

Cars can grow grumpy in bad weather, just like people do. In extremely cold weather, your Durango may choose to run its engine continuously in order to stay warm. However, extreme heat may cause the system to decide to “stay on” rather than overheat. Allowing your car to cool down to a more comfortable level is the answer in this case. Give it some time to warm up if it’s too cold, and allow it to cool down if it’s too hot.

3. Sensory Tricks:

Thanks to several sensors, your Durango is quite intelligent. When it comes to alerting the auto start-stop system when it’s time for a break, these sensors are essential. However, these sensors may miscommunicate if they become unclean or clogged, which would cause the system to believe that it is not the appropriate time to turn off. The remedy? Clean those sensors thoroughly. It could be time to have them checked out or replaced if that doesn’t work.

4. Software Bugs:

The auto start-stop function is controlled by software that operates in the background. It occasionally becomes a little glitchy, just like any digital magic. The system may become confused and give up due to bugs or glitches in the program. What is the cure? Verify whether your Durango has any software upgrades. In order to improve things, manufacturers frequently provide fixes. You may be able to say goodbye to those bugs once you install any updates that are available.

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5. Expert Assistance:

It’s time to bring in the pros if you’ve attempted do-it-yourself fixes and the auto start-stop is still being elusive. A mechanic or your local Dodge dealership can investigate the problem further thanks to their equipment and expertise. They can perform diagnostics, determine the true cause of the issue, and restore functionality to your auto start-stop.

Therefore, a grumpy auto start-stop on your Dodge Durango could be caused by a dead battery, sudden changes in the weather, malfunctioning sensors, software, or a combination of these. By performing some troubleshooting, you can eliminate these typical reasons and restore control over your auto start-stop feature.

How To Fix The Dodge Durango Auto Start-Stop Problems: Easy Fixes

Don’t panic if your Dodge Durango’s auto start-stop feature isn’t working properly; there are easy fixes you may attempt before calling a service.

1. Verify The Battery:

An inadequate battery can occasionally lead to malfunctioning auto start-stop. Take a multimeter and check the voltage of the battery. Think about replacing or recharging it if it’s low. An intact battery functions as the auto start-stop system’s brain.

2. Address Issues With Temperature:

Severe weather conditions might cause the system to become unbalanced. Allow your Durango some time to warm up if the weather is extremely chilly. The system may turn off auto start-stop in extremely hot weather to avoid engine problems. Allow your car to reach its ideal temperature.

3. Inspect And Clean Sensors:

Sensors are used by the auto start-stop to determine when to shut down. These sensors may become unclean or clogged with debris. Look them over, tidy them up, and see if it resolves the issue. If not, a mechanic may need to examine the vehicle more closely.

4. Upgrade The Program:

The software in your automobile could require an occasional update, just like that of your smartphone. Verify whether your Durango has a software update available. If so, install it by following the instructions. Any bugs causing the auto start-stop glitch might be fixed by doing this.

5. Expert Assistance:

It’s acceptable to concede defeat and hire experts if all else fails. Car mechanics deal with oddities on a daily basis. They possess the necessary equipment and expertise to determine what is happening. Speak with the Dodge dealership in your area or hire a trustworthy mechanic to look into the problem.

Keep in mind that these fixes are similar to providing emergency care for your auto-stop feature. Before attempting more involved repairs, try these easy ones. You may be able to restore your Dodge Durango’s auto start-stop function and experience a smoother ride with a little perseverance and these tips.


The auto start-stop feature of the Dodge Durango gives driving a more contemporary feel while encouraging efficiency and environmental awareness. Keep your cool if this feature isn’t working as it should and starts to irritate you. You may restore your auto start-stop system and get the rewards it offers by comprehending the possible reasons and putting the recommended fixes into practice. Recall that maintaining the smooth operation of your Dodge Durango can be greatly aided by a little troubleshooting.

We hope the above information mentioned about the issue of the Dodge Durango auto start-stop not working. However, will be helpful and useful to all car enthusiasts. If anyone faces doubts, feel free to comment below. Thank you for reading!

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