How To Expand Car Radio Frequency?

Radiofrequency is a generator only when an alternating current goes through a conductive metal. Waves are characterized by their frequency and length. RFID technology consists of low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, and microwave frequency. Among all frequencies, the microwave frequency is the shortest one.

RFID technology consists of two different fields. the electric and magnetic are the two fields to form the electromagnetic wave. This wave is very much important because they communicate with each other depending upon the frequency they used.

Still, there are some of them except hearing the song from the audio system they prefer to hear from the car stereo. But due to not getting enough frequency they avoid hearing. For that reason read the article to know how to expand car radio frequency.

How To Expand Car Radio Frequency?

The car radio is the most common way to listen to the radio. However, it can be frustrating when you have a problem in reception. Cars have many unique problems than the portable radio that you usually used in the house. But you never realize how to expand car radio frequency is very easy after knowing the issue.

1. Antenna Mast Extended

There are many ways that an antenna mast can have a problem such as a car wash attendant forget to pull the antenna back out, large bird rest on the antenna. Since the antenna function by picking up radio waves, it only stands to reason that being force down inside the car might make it difficult for your antenna to function properly. After pulling it back, if you think it vastly improves the frequency, you should go ahead.

This is extremely basic stuff. There is no other way to resolve the antenna problem if you notice the antenna is pull down.

An electric antenna on the other hand extended when the radio is on otherwise they are pull down. It can also fail in the down position, at that time the radio is pretty bad. What happens that the control o pulling up and down is fixed with a motor which can be malfunctioning. At that time use plier to pull out the bad electric antenna.

2. Antenna Connection

This is one of the most common issues of poor car radio reception. If the antenna cable is poorly seated on the head unit of the car or any of the connections become loose or corroded, you will often found the connectivity problem with your favorite radio station.

The first thing to check is the connection between the antenna cable and the back of your head unit. If the antenna is properly seated, move the antenna to and fro movement to catch the signal. Only if the connection is solid and you do not notice anything.

If your connection is loose you will notice the tuner drop and then reacquire the signal. If it happened you should tighten the antenna and check the ground.

3. New Antenna

When you notice the antenna mounting hardware or mast get rust, broken due to some reason, it’s better to change the antenna with a new one. if you do not change the antenna and the antenna remains rusted, you cannot et any solid connection. Some cars have a grid-style antenna near the rear window glass and some of the cards have an antenna on the flat surface of the body. This flat antenna has some benefits such as they will not break off while car wash. But they always show accept the poor connection among all types of antennae in hilly areas or big cities. That’s why the who antenna works better.

4. Install A Signal Booster

A Signal Booster is a small device that improves your reception if it’s due to a poor signal. You can increase the signal after the antenna already pick up the signal. Thus if you receive a poor signal, you can install the signal booster for better results.

However, if the antenna is fine and the signal destruction cause is due to the hilly area and tall building, the signal booster will not work in that case.

5. Switch The Car Stereo To Mono Mode

Many cars do not have a mono mode switch. If your car has the mono mode, it is suggested to change the signal to the mono mode to slightly getting a better reception in the car. If you don’t see the option, the car is probably doing it automatically.

While the stereo mode is fine for the strong connection but when you receive the mono mode, if you receive the weaker signal, you will notice it coming in better when you switch to mono.

6. Car Stereo Is Bad

If you continue having bad reception despite the effort, check the radio itself has to get worse.  You should get a new stereo system as it is very cheaper rather than repairing the radio system.

7. Part Of The Car Can Cause The Interference

There are few parts of the car that cause interference in receiving the signal to the radio. The car radio is different from a portable radio. Portable radio weak signal can be the cause of the only interference of the object whereas the car radio system has other problem.

Take the car to the mechanics to check the car, it can be a possible problem in engine and alternator.

Radio-Locator And Its Strength

There is another method for how to expand car radio frequency by locating the radio strength and station location.

1. Use A Website For Locating Station

If you are far away from the station is to use the website. This website will tell you about the radio station location and frequency where you are located.

Mainly use is the best option to search.

2. Reception May Be Poor In An Urban Area Or Mountain Region

If there are large objects in between you and the transmitter it bock the FM radio wave. In that case, you have to fix the good quality antenna and radio for better transmission. And it mainly occurs in the urban area and mountain region. Thus location is said to be the most important part of radio reception

3.  Car With Good Reception

If you have a problem picking up the transmission from a certain station, check the other car if they have any problem with picking you the same transmission. If another car does not have any problem, it might be your car reception has a very week signal. Week signal is a week no matter what is the reason.


Remember always the if there is any problem with radio frequency, mostly the problem arises from the antenna, the radio, and your location. So always resolve the problem first from these parts and then check the engine and alternator for better transmission.

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