How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge Of Your Car?

A glove box can break when the screw in the actuator assembly is damaged or dislodged. A broken glove box can be frustrating, especially when trying to reach important documents such as insurance cards and other paperwork. In case your glove box is broken and won’t open, from this article you can know how to fix a broken glove box hinge.

The Basics of a Glove Compartment Lock

Not every glove box has a keyed lock, many times there will only be a handle that manipulates a latch. This latch secures to a catch. When the glove box is working fine, the latch grabs hold of the catch.

With a glove box lock, you can interrupt the handle’s ability to freely retract from the catch. A glove compartment lock often has a default position of unlocked and must have a key inserted into the cylinder and turned to lock. When the glove box lock is opened, you will need to use the key again to lock it.

This does not mean that you cannot lock your keys in your glove compartment. Similar to when you have locked your car in the trunk of a car by accident, you can unlock your glove box lock. While it is open, lock it again. Because the latch is free moving it can secure while the cylinder is in the locked position.

How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

There are very few steps to know how to fix a broken glove box hinge. Make sure you have followed the below steps properly

1.  Broken Glove Box

Follow the below two steps for fixing the broken glove box

1. Add Some Motor Oil To Your Key

Sometimes, if your lock’s internal mechanism is stuck or rusted, it can make it difficult for your key to properly unlock it. Take some standard motor oil, add a drop to your key, and rub it over the surface so the key is fully coated. Then, slide the key into your glove box and try unlocking it. We hope it will work some instead.

Don’t force the key too hard or it could snap off and ruin your lock for good.

2. Spray Brake Cleaner Into The Lock

If lubricating the lock with motor oil doesn’t do the trick, you can try blasting away any corrosion or dirt that may be caught in the internal mechanism. Use spray brake cleaner, place the nozzle against the opening of the lock, and spray the cleaner directly into the lock. Try unlocking the glove box with your key to see if that works.

You can easily find brake cleaner at your local auto supply shop. Buy spray brake cleaner only if the first steps don’t work.

3. Hire An Auto Locksmith If All Else Fails.

If you’ve tried everything and you just can’t seem to get your lock open, it may be time to call in a professional. Look for auto locksmiths in your area and have them take a look at your lock. They’ll be able to figure out what the problem is and tell you what needs to be repaired.

2. Broken Glove Compartment Lock

In case the glove box lock isn’t working, you’ll need to replace it with a new one that does. Look for a replacement kit that matches your car at your local auto supply shop or try ordering one online. Following the directions on the packaging, you’ll need to remove the old cylinder from the body of your lock, but the new one, and then secure it back into place.

Every lock is a little bit different, but if you have the right tools, you may be able to handle it on your own.

Some locks may require you to unscrew a mounting plate inside the compartment. And most locks will have pins that you’ll need to depress with a narrow tool coat hanger so you can slide the old lockout.

3. Glove Compartment Latch

You can install a replacement latch that’s made for your vehicle. Pick up a new latch that matches your make and model from your local auto supply shop or online. Remove the old latch by unscrewing some screws located at the bottom of the latch and replace it with the new one. Replace screws you removed to secure the latch and try opening and closing the glove box a few times to make sure it’s working properly.

4. By Unlocking A Glove Box Without A Key

If you don’t have the key for your glove box, the only way to open it without damaging the lock or your dashboard is to hire a professional. Look for auto locksmiths in your area and take a look at your glove box. They’ll be able to open it for you. Replace the lock with a new one so you can use a key to lock and unlock it.

In case you don’t want to hire a locksmith, and you aren’t worried about potentially damaging your glove box, you can try to force it open with a flathead screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver into space where your glove box connects to your dashboard and pry it open. Once you’ve wedged it open enough, you can try pulling the glove box open.

Keep in mind it may be really tough to pry the glove box open and you’ll more than likely damage your lock.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Glove Box?

The price can vary widely depending on your make and model.  If you only need a small part replaced, such as a latch or handle, it’ll likely be much cheaper than a full replacement. Additionally, auto repair shops can charge between 47$ and 215$ per hour of labor. A simple repair may take about an hour or so, but a full replacement could require several hours of work.

For instance, if you needed a full replacement for a glove box costing 350$, your auto repair professional charges 50$ per hour, and it takes them 3 hours to complete the job.


Based on your understanding of how a glove compartment lock works, you can glean the particular complication that your lock is experiencing. And also by knowing how to fix a broken glove box hinge, you can fix it.

For glove box lock replacement, you need to get your glove box open. The ways to do this vary to the degree that it is impossible to go into much of any detail. It can be rather complicated, so we recommend contacting an automotive locksmith to help you through the process.

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