How To Fix Bluetooth Lag In Car? [9 Ways]

Bluetooth is a standardized protocol for sending and receiving data via a 2.4GHz wireless link. Its secure protocol and is perfect for short-range, low power, low cost, wireless transmission between electronic devices.

You pair your Bluetooth device to your car stereo system but you cannot connect due to the lagging. This lagging problem can irritate you. The cause behind the lagging problem is due to various factors like distance and compatibility.

Read this article to know how to fix Bluetooth lag in car ranging from free to not to work to expensive to might to work. Don’t think about the cost it is not so expensive but if you like to listen to the song while driving it will much portable to v=connect with the audio device rather than a cable connection.

How To Fix Bluetooth Lag In Car?

After trying pairing and unpairing the Bluetooth connection between the Bluetooth system and the connecting device if you couldn’t resolve the problem follow below. There are many tips manually to know how to fix Bluetooth lag in car to reduce lagging permanently.

1. Make Sure The Bluetooth Device Should Be In Appropriate Range

Nowadays most people like to hear the song from the Bluetooth device while driving. They want some flexibility or freedom. Make sure you have to keep in mind that the Bluetooth device connects in the range of 10 m.

Therefore more the distance from the Bluetooth device, the more lag will be formed. Once you go away from the Bluetooth device the lagging will start. That’s why whenever you connect the phone or any receiving device with Bluetooth always remember to stay within the range.

2. Full Charged Phone

A phone with a low battery can interrupt to connect the device to a Bluetooth device. Thus this can be one of the reasons for Bluetooth lag in cars. Or using the phone while in charging can also be the reason. This cause because while you connect the phone with a Bluetooth device it will conserve some battery percentage. So make sure whenever you connect, check the phone battery. If your phone battery is below 15% we recommended not to connect otherwise you face the lagging problem.

3. Signal Interference

If there are multiple Bluetooth connecting devices, it could be the reason for lagging. The strength will affect and the audio receives in delay. Therefore it is recommended that if you are using multiple Bluetooth devices within 10 m switch off all that. And if you are standing near the building where they use a wifi router or smart bulb or laptop, move away from that place.

Before connecting the particular device with the car audio system, make sure other Bluetooth devices are switch off.

4. Physical Obstacle

The physical obstacle can be the reason for the lagging. Large building affects the strength of the Bluetooth signal which results in audio lagging. Even if your phone cover is so thick or if you keep the phone in the pocket while playing the audio through Bluetooth, it can be the reason for lagging. Besides putting the mobile phone in the pocket keep it aside. Whenever you see this problem, ensure that the Bluetooth receiver directly sightlines your car stereo.

You can also start moving your hand when you face the lagging problem.

5. Bluetooth Codec

Codec is the virtual device responsible for compressing, encoding, and decoding data for wireless connections. Every codec’s performance is based on its manufacturer and quality.

So for this reason, if the manufacturer makes a low or moderate-quality listening technology, you can suffer this lagging issue. So better use the high-quality listening technology and enjoy a better listening experience with the help of AAC, SBC, aptX. This AAC, SBS, aptX are the Bluetooth codec.

6. Car Stereo Is Compatible With Bluetooth Host

There are several stages of Bluetooth development such as Bluetooth 3.1, Bluetooth 4. Bluetooth 3.1 is the previous generation. If your car is compatible with Bluetooth 3.1 and your phone device has updated to Bluetooth 4, it might be challenging to make a pair.

So you should ensure that your gadget has the same generation of Bluetooth which supports the car. If you pair the older and newer version, it interferes with the performance and a lagging issue will be formed.

So if you have an older version of Bluetooth, it better to replace it with a newer one for a better experience.

7. Factory Reset

If you have connected several devices, you can face the lagging problem. Also, it might be a problem of pairing and stutters. To solve the problem you have to factory reset the system, reverting the operation.

After the system is reset, every problem of lagging or others will be solved. If you do not know how to reset the system, contact the specialist to prevent gambling.

8. Restart The Mobile Device

Sometimes rebooting the same phone can be the best solution for lagging. Rebooting the device leaves the RAM in a clear state, removes any ongoing heavy process operating in the background.

9. Factory Reset Your Mobile

If restarting the mobile cannot solve the problem, proceed for a factory reset of your mobile. This might help to resolve the problem when you pairing the audio system with mobile.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Bluetooth Device?

The cost of the Bluetooth device will vary from mechanics to mechanics. The cost includes labor cost and part cost. The part cost is quite affordable within 200$ and the labor cost will be added with it. Always follow the steps of fixing the issue before going to replace it. Keep this option as the last problem if you could not resolve it.


The Bluetooth device itself comes up with many advantages such as you can attend the call while driving, listen to the music but sometimes it lags or shows some disadvantages. Compatability reason is the most common reason for lagging problems. Get the knowledge of the solution of how to fix Bluetooth lag in car. If you couldn’t solve the problem, contact expert electronics to handle the issue.

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