How To Fix The Car Radio Display Fading?

There is nothing better feeling than driving the car, rolling down the window, and hearing the song from the radio system. But after using a long time the car generally shows the problem with accessories present in the case. One of the most common problems is car radio display fading. Even it feels fantastic having the top of the car radio with a digital view, you can visualize the song name that you are hearing. 

Every car model has a different type of radio stereo system in the car. So the issue can be different. Read on to find out the solution and the cause.

Reasons That Cause Car Radio Display Fading

When a fuse is blown, the display only does not work but the whole radio system will show the problem. However, due to other reason your radio work sometimes but the display remains fading. You need some more factors to know why the car radio display gets fading.

1. Dimmer

The different model of the car has a different type of car radio which come with different function and structure. Still, all the radio have some type of problem through the looks are different.

Most of the car radio comes with the adjustment of dimmer. The dimmer provides the feature in the car radio to brightened up the screen for better visibility. But this dimmer sometimes gets faulted and your display starts fading which creates a disturbance in the eyes.

2. Connector Problem

The display of the radio is connected with a specific wire. This specific site is connected with the display panel and with the head unit of the radio. Some of the wires are soldered on the board. There are two ways where wire either is connected with the suitable connector inside or display soldered with the main head unit.

When the display is connected with a connector the connector gets loosed or damaged. This causes the connector of the LED to stop giving power.

Another reason for the connector problem is due to soldered damage. Thus, it may be a poor connection with the main unit. The damage occurs due to rough driving or hitting hard on the bump of the road and the jerk occurs. This jerk makes damage to the interior part.

3. Defective Fuse

The defective fuse may be one of the common reasons to show the display of the radio fading up. Sometimes when there is an irregular flow of electric current, the fuse which is present in between main power and the car radio, it saves from short circuit. Thus after the power cut, it is not transmitting the full power to the radio. As result, the radio display fads in and out.

4. Main Head Unit Is Defective

The car radio is one of the oldest accessories which do not have to replace all the time. The radio can be damaged mainly due to the dust. If you do not clean this dust very often it can damage the interior part and you have to suffer from many problem car radios. Also if the radio is too old to start the display or anything problem n the radio for a long time can damage the radio.

This dust particle can be the reason for the defective main head unit. This head unit is a circuit board of the car radio. Thus if you cannot find the reason for display fading, this can be one of the reasons.

5. Defective LCD Or Headlight

In a new model car nowadays the LCD is added for better operation. The LCD is a simple display that is attached to brightened up the backlight that is connected behind the LCD.

And if you are using the backlight for many years, the backlight gets damage. For this cause you have to change the backlight otherwise you will see the radio display fading in and out.

How To Fix A Car Radio Display?

Here a few basic principle outlines are described. But you have to remember that there is a different radio system for every different model of the car.

1. Check The Dimmer Setting

If you get a problem in the dimmer, the only solution is two folds. First, you have to adjust the setting, select dimmer function mode and turn up the brightness.

If fit does not work, the problem arises from the illuminating wire. When you open the radio system you will notice black orange wire. Repair that wire to get rid of car radio display fading.

2. Check The Car Radio Connector

Remove the car radio system, if you notice the wire gets damaged or cut, just repair that wire. And the problem is observed in the connector, replace the connector.

The problem in soldered can be fixed by open the radio and soldered connection and fixed it properly.

3. Check User Mode

The problem arises from the display but still, the power is on, first thing check the user manual and go through all the settings and presets that the radio offers. This will fix the car radio display fading.

4. Check The Fuse

The damaged fuse can be the reason behind the car radio LCD display problems. This fuse can replace with a very few amount as it is a relatively cheap part of the car. Checking the fuse is an effortless way to repair your car radio because the fuse is meant to be replaced.

You get a kit of fuse which contain about 250 in a cheaper price so that you don’t have to worry about further fuse problem.

5. Check The Head Unit

The solution of head unit wire is to replace it with a new one if you notice a big issue. The head unit with a small issue can be observed by a technician to get rid of this issue.


In this article, we have covered all the necessary principle issues with your car radio LCD display flickering and along with the solutions. The car radio is very cheap of all the car parts. The radio is the oldest accessories of the car which get damage after using long time or a small issue already present which are prevented from repairing. Always try to clean the radio system with a cloth to get rid of dust.

The last thing to note that we suggest taking the car to the mechanic to figure out the problem as you cannot figure out the root cause of the car radio display dimming problem.

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