What To Do If Car’s Gas Pedal Not Working?

When you step on the gas pedal you will initiate a process that delivers air and fuel to the engine. As the gas pedal is pressed, it turns the pivot that in turn pulls the throttle wire. The throttle wire is connected to the throttle linkage. That linkage serves to control a valve that regulates the air intake to the engines. The more step into the gas pedal, the wider open the valve, and the more air is let in.

Now when you step on the gas pedal and the gas pedal not working, this is the indication of a fuel system issue or engine problem, or parking brake stuck. As soon as you will indicate this system, it is vital to have your vehicle inspected.

Reasons Why Gas Pedal Not Working?

This is a very common problem of high mileage cars. But some causes are minor and check to get the issue and possibly fix it well.

1. Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass airflow sensor is connected to the air cleaner. It works to measure the air that is flowing into the engine. It is also known as MAF sensor.

If the mass airflow sensor becomes clogged or damaged, it can be one of the issues. If there is a clogged sir flow, it sent incorrect data to the engine control unit to calculate the necessary air and fuel mixture ratio.

2. Fluid Level

The transmission fluid helps the car to be a lubricant and run the car properly. The low transmission fluid in the automatic transmission system car can be one of the causes of the gas pedal not working. 

The car is not accelerating after pressing the gas pedal it means the car engine is rev but no power is transferred to the wheel. And the lack of transmission fluid makes the car transmission overheat, it is the most worse case.

3. Burnt Transmission Fluid

If the quality of transmission fluid is not right or if the correct transmission fluid is not poured into the engine, the transmission fluid can be burnt. And this can be the reason for the issue. Check the transmission fluid, if black in color or smell burning, immediately change the transmission fluid. The original color of the transmission fluid is red or slightly pink.

This burnt fluid can overheat the engine and goes for more fiction.

4. Clutch

Both manual and automatic transmission system car has the problem in the clutch and to can be the reason of the gas pedal not working. Though mainly this clutch problem is noticed in manual. In an automatic transmission car, the transmission and torque converter has a clutch plate that can be damaged due to low transmission fluid.

5. Spark Plug

The lack of power in the car due to the faulty spark plug is the major issue. Your engine is not ignited and will be unable to increase the power when you press the gas pedal.

6. Gear

The gear set needs the clutch and the band to change the gear. In automatic transmission cars, the band problem is a major issue when it comes to the problem is accelerating. If the transmission fluid is not the issue, the worn band is the reason for transmission slippage.

7. Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is the part of the car which monitors the exhaust emission within your car so that it can calculate the exact ratio of the mixture of air and fuel to run the engine at the optimum level. If the oxygen sensor gets damaged, it cannot send the information to the car about the proper ratio of fuel. As a result, the mixture of fuel can be too much or too little. This is the reason for the gas pedal not working.

8. Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is the sensor that measures the exact amount of air intake within your engine. This is the most important sensor send to the vehicle transmission module later. If this sensor gets damaged, this is the reason for the issue.

9. Solenoid

The gear change in an automatic transmission car allows the transmission fluid and keeps the gear and band separate, this all function performed by solenoid. Majorly the automatic transmission car problem damage part cannot notice. You notice that there is no problem in fluid, gear, and clutch, check once the solenoid. You will get the problem in the solenoid.

10. Engine Control Unit

An error in the car computer can be one of the issues. This car computer is known as an engine control unit. This problem arises due to pollution and difference in the ratio of air and fuel mixture. If this is the problem, the engine will lose power.

11. Fuel Filter

Over the year, the fuel filter can fill with dirt and debris. It recommends changing the filter within the interval. If it is not changing, it can be a major issue of the gas pedal not working. This dirt makes fuel heavy and this is the reason the fuel cannot move properly in the other part.

How To Repair The Unresponsive Gas Pedal?

Always remember when you are going to check the issue always start from the primary level.

1. Visibility Issue

There are a few issues that can be noticed by the naked eye.

  1. Look for any obstacle getting in the way of the pedal. Look for a tangled cord.
  2. Open the hood and observe the throttle body. the throttle body gets damaged or not or any part of the throttle body gets damage.
  3.  Look at the linkage whether it is straight and aligned properly.
  4. Look for the other component in the system to diagnosis the unresponsive gas pedal.

2. Most Common Issue

Assume that all throttle bodies, cable, and pedal are working functionally correctly. Check for the other component

1. Throttle Position Sensor

A dirty or clogged throttle sensor can be the issue of the gas pedal not working. So it better to clean the sensor in meantime otherwise you have to face the major issue and change the entire unit.

2. Fuel Filter

Replace the clog fuel filter to allow the correct amount of fuel in the engine.

3. Fuel Pump

Older vehicles have a separate fuel pump rather than newer vehicles. To repair the fuel pump, you will need to drop the tank, clean all the clogs. Assume the fuel pump is clean and has failed, you have to replace the whole fuel module.

4. Mass Air Flow Sensor

Faulty mass airflow sensor has to change for engine performance. This is not serviceable and can easily change. The faulty mass airflow sensor is observed in the aging vehicle.

5. Electronic Throttle Control Module

Notice that the car is operating in Limp Mode that means the electronic throttle control module is malfunctioning and the car will run at a very low speed. You need to replace the whole module or a part of the module. We suggest taking the car to the technician if this is the fault as you cannot resolve it by yourself.


If you are not comfortable diagnosing the car’s fault, we suggest taking the car to the mechanics and let him give a full checkup. This will allow him to diagnose properly and fix the problem.

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