How To Reset Mileage On A Car?

Mileage on the car means it denotes the number of miles on a vehicle odometer. It is one of the factors that determine the price of the car. A vehicle that has high mileage is costlier than a car that has less mileage. Typically high mileage means 12000 to 15000 miles on the car per year is viewed as average whereas more than this is called high mileage car. With proper maintenance, the car can extend up to 200000 miles.

Purchasing an old car is cost-saving but there is a high chance of fraud if you do not know about it. One common issue is in the odometer fraud that many old car sellers do to deceive the customer. If you know how to reset mileage on a car, it will become to identify the frauds.

Is It Legal To Reset Mileage On A Car?

No, it is not legal but the practice of resetting the mileage is very often common. So if you want to reset the mileage, you can just replace the gauge cluster. But it drops the resell value and you have to inform the buyer of the reset mileage during the time of selling.

If you are using the same vehicle identification number(VIN) and selling the car without knowing about the mileage, the buyers will know immediately. Because VIN is enough to know about the car number, record of registration, modification, repairs, accident, and other things of the car. If the buyer finds you doing this, you can lock up with a fraud case.

How Do I Know If My Mileage Is Accurate?

Examine the usage and wear of the wheel, gear lever, and pedals and compare this to the mileage number on the odometer. Determine whether the odometer is doing the work in the same way. In case the odometer is mechanical, check if the number is aligned correctly and is fully readable.

Calculate Car Mileage

  • Top-Up your tank.
  • Reset the meter.
  • Follow the speed limit.
  • Drive around.
  • Fill up again.
  • Calculate the car mileage.

How To Reset Mileage On A Car?

Many old car sellers reset the odometer to make the vehicle look new car and demand more money from the buyer.

1. Instrument Cluster Replacement

Most Japanese manufacturers put their mileage on the instrument cluster, not on the computer. When you change the int=strument with the new one, it will show zero on the odometer reading. Suppose you want to change the old instrument cluster with another one of another car, it will show the mileage of that other car.

But this process is illegal. If you do some paperwork with it, it becomes legal. The only legal way to replace your instrument cluster without resetting the odometer is to respond the transpose the original miles from the former cluster without replacement.

2. Tampering With The Odometer

Locate the knob on the instrument cluster near the dashboard. This knob how several works such as showing the remaining fuel percentage and temperature evaluation. If you want to know how to reset mileage on a car, this knob is a better part to restart. To reset the miles, just press and hold down the knob for a few seconds. Once the fuel economically comes up, the odometer gets reset automatically. This is the very simplest way to reset the odometer.

3. Reassemble The Odometer

If you have some mechanical knowledge of the car and have some handy tools with you all the time, follow the steps. Take the screwdriver and pliers, remove the instrument cluster and reset the value of the miles by hand before reassembling the odometer. It is another way to know how to reset mileage on a car.

Some of the mechanics are aware of this trick. So, they always seal that part with a tamper-proof seal. It will be tough to reset the mileage if there is a tamper-proof seal.

If you decide to do the rigging, remember to match the mileage with the condition of the vehicle. The average lifespan of the tire is 25000km. It will look fishy if the tire is in dire condition but the odometer only read 10000 miles.

How To Check The Mileage Has Been Tampered Or Not?

Below is an open of the ways you can find out if the mileage readings have not been tampered with.

  • Examine the odometer for the number of miles.
  • Ask the title for the original seller, not for a duplicate one.
  • Ask to see repair or maintenance receipt and inspection sticker.
  • Look fr the missing screw near or on the dashboard.
  • Inspect the brake pedal, floor mat, and gear knob.

Digital Odometer

Many of them believe that introducing the digital odometer will be the end of fraud. The digital odometer can be rolled back by removing the vehicle’s circuit board to change the odometer reading or using rollback equipment that hooks right into the vehicle’s electronic system.

The odometer is rolled back 50 to 70 percent and the vehicle is sealed by double pricing. Unfortunately, odometer fraud is alive and well and increasingly difficult to detect.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Odometer?

If you visit a mechanic to repair the mileage, the cost will vary between 200$ to 500$. Though this guarantees an efficient remedy, it is far from economical to simply repair the home. We suggest resetting the mileage legally.


One of the ideal cases in the above cases is to ask the profession of the work history because some people have a profession in which traveling is necessary and some don’t have such needs. So, you need to evaluate the odometer when buying the car on the basis.

As you know how to reset mileage on a car, it will become easy to catch mileage fraud. Remember only that the wear on all the parts of a car is as old as mileage.

Yes in some cars but as noted it is illegal everywhere. If you change the odometer reading by itself the car computer will recognize the value has changed and made it flash an error message, the only way to reset this is to change the mileage record in one or the other to the higher value.

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