How To Slash Tires Without Making Noise?

Slashing can be quite loud if the tire is not depressurized. Slashing a tire means making a deep cut with a sharp tool typically a knife or a nail to deflate the tire. The slash will make the tire flat in a matter of seconds or hours depending on the type of tool used to slash the tire. If you intend to slash a regular tire, never slash with your face facing the tire. 

The air rushes out with high pressure that can damage your face and eyes, so keep this precaution in mind. High-quality tires are good for safe driving. However, as much as they are safe, it happens to be very simple to damage them. When puncturing a tire, you should be aware of air escaping from the pressurized tire, as it can blow directly into your face.

Now to know how to slash tires follow the ways below. It is done with several sharp tools.

How To Slash Tires Without Making Noise?

Here are six ways to be discreet and fast when slashing tires

1. Nails

Choose long nails with large heads that could make the nails stand on their heads. This is because these nails to be effective, should be standing upside down on the road, right next to the rolling path of the tire.

When the tire starts to roll, the standing nail punctures deep into the tire and goes in even deeper when the car moves along a mile or so. The chap driving the car wouldn’t have a clue who did the tire popping. This is the first way to know how to slash tires of the car.

2. Sharp Knife

Have your face protected when you slash the tire with a really sharp knife. It’s a good thing face shields are regular fixtures brought by the pandemic together masks, so it means you won’t attract much attention if you act normally.

Then run or walk really fast away from the scene. Or if you don’t have face protection, look away when you puncture the tire because the sudden rush of air might swoosh into your face and shoot some foreign objects into your eyes. It’s really important to have a very sharp knife in your tire slashing operation. This is because you can’t afford to not do the job quickly.

And some quality tires are really thick. Within several seconds, you have to finish it off because someone might see you or you might attract attention. Being miserly with a dull knife won’t help your tire-slashing career a bit.

3. Tire Horizontally

Someone who knows his tire flattening skills has commented that in case you want the tire not to make a loud popping sound that would attract attention. Just slash it horizontally on the sidewall of the tire which is rather thin.

If you just do a small pierce on other parts of the tire. It will make a sound that will make everyone turn around to you and know you’re the culprit.

4. Unscrewing And Removing Tire Parts

This is a tire puncturing technique that could take several minutes. But it could be done with caution because the tire would flatten with no sound. You just need to unscrew the needle inside the valve stem. Then, cut the valve stem, remove the valve stem cover and then press on the core which looks like a needle. The tire will now start to deflate.

If the tire you’re going to flatten, you don’t need to be cautious about it. Tires are good material for garbage vessels, and garden tables and chairs. They are very sturdy and strong and of course waterproof.

5. Hammer And Chisel

Cut a section of the rim to work with. You don’t want to try to cut and handle a large, heavy rim at the same time. Avoid cutting the inside rim as that is where the large steel cable reinforcements are located. Place a heavy block of wood behind the rim where you are going to cut it. Mark a line where you want to cut it.

Sharpen your chisel and use a small hammer to hit it. Place the block under the tire, place the chisel on the cut line and give it a few good whacks. Use the chisel and hammer along the cut line until the piece is cut free from the rim.

6. Damaged Valve Stem

The valve stem is the minuscule bulge from your tire that you unscrew when you have to put air in it. An eroded valve stem can make air spill out of the tire, causing it to go flat. Free or dirt-obstructed stems can likewise make tires lose air.

How Much Force Does It Take To Slash A Tire?

It depends on what type of tool you are using to slash the tire. Even if you are using a relatively sharp knife or awl, you need a good amount of force to cut through the thick layers of rubber on the tire.

However, if you really want to slash someone’s tire with minimal effort, you can achieve it by poking a nail inside the tire, that will get the job done, slowly but surely.


The moral lesson here is, do it with a really sharp knife, do it fast, and more importantly, practice several times before doing the actual thing. In this way, you can just slash the tire horizontally with a little effort. Or even you can try it with the help of nails it also works.

Slashing a tire is not all that difficult. You just need a sharp object with which to poke the tire’s surface. The tire will easily deflate and become flat either in a matter of seconds or a few hours depending upon the type of tool used to slash the tire.

All this said we would like to do over and again emphasize that you only try this on some old tire that is not in use or use it as a self-defense measure.

Slashing someone else’s tire deliberately without any reason is a criminal offense that will make you liable for legal action. So, learn how to slash tires of others for only self-defense.


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