Loose Air Filter Housing Symptoms & How To Clean It

An air filter is the part of the engine which is like a security guard for your car engine. It keeps the dirt and dust out and lets the air in. Besides keeping the contamination out, it can allow unrestricted air in. This is why over time, the air filter has to change. Due to the contamination, the air will not enter properly and turn on the check engine light.

Most air filters trap particles that are 5 to 6 microns or large. It can trap at least 80% to 90% of dust and dirt within that size. Some high-quality air filters also capture 99% of that particular size. If it is not attached properly, the engine gets damaged easily. So the loose air filter housing symptoms are given below to know about can the engine protects itself without an air filter?

Loose Air Filter Housing Symptoms

In case of loose air filter housing symptoms, it can leave the engine open to dirt and dust. When the engine is not covered properly with an air filter, it can have some serious problems. The common problem with the engine will be

1. Damage In The Turbocharger

The turbocharger force pressurized air into the engine to increase its performance of the engine. On one side of the turbocharger the air filter, the impeller is attached with engine air intake. In case 0f  loose air filter housing, the dirt, and dust will enter into the car and damage the turbocharger. To make it worse, the loose air filter housing is already present. As a result complete engine gets fail.

2. Damage In The Internal Engine

When the piston moves down in the engine and the air gets sucked in. Due to the losing air filter, the engine can suck up dirt and debris at the same time. As a result, this can cause damage to the piston, valve, and cylinder walls. Thus there will be a lot of excessive oil consumption, bad engine performance, and eventually, the engine gets fail.

How To Defend The Engine From The Dirt And Dust

A well maintains air filter can help to get rid of dirt and dust. Below there are two points which are discussed in brief how to defend the engine from dirt and dust

1. Checking Air Filter

To check the air filter, open the air filter housing which is shut with the clips. Remove that filter, bring that to the bright sunlight. In case the air filter is too dark and the light transmission is very less, you need to replace it with a new one.

If there is little dust and dirt, either you can tap that air filter on the hard surface to remove all or vacuum it from the side. But do not attempt to wash the filter that may get damage.

2. Choosing Correct Air Filter

When you go shopping always keep in mind that a cheap filter may not provide the best protection from dust and dirt. The best air filter has both properties that are high in efficiency and longevity. Always buy the best quality air filter that provides the best combination of filtering efficiency and dirt-holding capacity such as a premium air filter which is the most expensive among all. The best one should have an efficiency of about 98.5%. Premium air filter designed to protect the engine up to 12000 miles with 99% efficiency.

How To Know When To Clean The Air Filter?

Read on the article to know the signs your vehicle needs air filter maintenance, so you can keep it healthy on the road.

1. Air Filter Appear As Dirty

It is one of the easiest symptoms to know the appearance of the filter. If you notice the air filter becomes brown or black, you have to change the air filter immediately.

2. Gas Mileage Decreasing

A decrease in the gas mileage is usually a sign of a dirty air filter. This dirty air filter can cause a reduction in oxygen flow.

A clean air filter keeps the oxygen air flowing through the engine and keeps the fuel economy right where it should be.

3. Engine Misfires

In case of multiple attempts or rev of the engine to start the engine or the trouble of turning the car, it is the reason for the difference in the low air to the fuel ratio. And when the ratio is too rich, the engine can get a misfire. Thus this can be the problem in the air filter.

4. Strange Noise From The Engine

When you park your car and hear a strange noise like a  hiccup, it could be the reason for the bad air filter. This is due to the bad oxygen flow. If there is good oxygen flow, there will be a smooth sound and even purr.

5. Engine Lights Come On

Over time when the impurities get to deposit in the engine, engine lights come on. For every gallon of gasoline consumed by the car, it must be able to take 1000gallonsn of air to process the fuel efficiently.

In case of the engine lights up, you should have to read the culprit in the right way with the help of the service code. This can be done only by the professional or technician and determine whether the issue is with the air intake or not.

6. Horsepower Reduction

In case of acceleration moving slowly, it will be the cause of oxygen deprivation. If either your car jerks too much while accelerating or responding slower than normal, it’s chance of not getting the air it needs to function at peak performance.

7. Black Smoke From Exhaust Pipe

When oxygen struggles to reach the engine for the combustion of the fuel, at that time fuel will leak from the system and the gas will exhaust from the system. Sometimes you can hear the popping sounds. Thus this will waste lots of fuel and sometimes can be dangerous for the environment and you.

8. Strong Fuel Smell

When gasoline is leaking the fuel, it has a strong smell that notifies you something is going off. You have to check it by confirming that black smoke is coming out from the exhaust pipe.


If you notice loose air filter housing symptoms or wouldn’t deal with them by yourself, go to the mechanics to repair it to get rid of the problem.

Let us know if you have any doubts with the cleaning process described above.


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