How To Put Freon In Car Air Conditioner?

While we are on a heritage tour, it was sunny outside. So that we all have closed the windows up and turn on the AC to get some cool air. But even after turning on the AC, we won’t receive any cooling air. I suspect that the freon level may have been gone down. Then … Read more

How To Tell If Struts Are Bad On Your Car?

In a car with a strut suspension, the struts are the shock absorbers of the car. In a vehicle that uses a shock suspension, shocks are used to dampen the vibrations and keep a smooth ride. In this type of suspension, struts replace the shock absorbs, controlling the bouncing amount in your car and preventing … Read more

How To Reset Service Suspension System Message?

Repairs on the suspension system are some of the most common types of repairs technicians perform. Because of the operating conditions and the abuse of everyday driving, suspension components such as springs and shocks, ball joints, and sway bar links often require frequent service. Many technicians begin their careers servicing suspension systems before advancing into … Read more