How To Remove Crankshaft Pulley Bolt?

While driving on the highway my car’s performance was good. But suddenly my car starts to vibrate while running. Suddenly I was felt that I am losing my control over steering. The vibration of a car while driving is a common thing among the vehicle. It has various sources becomes of a reason for the vibration of cars. But when you notice the vibration of the car with the combination of the below-mentioned symptoms. You can assume that you need to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt."how to remove crankshaft pulley bolt" Crankshaft pulley or harmonic balancer can be damaged in several ways. We have gathered what are the symptoms of a bad crankshaft pulley bolt?  And What are the causes?. Also, provided a technique How to remove crankshaft pulley bolt?

What Is Crank Shaft Pulley?

The Crankshaft pulley is fixed to the engine’s harmonic balancer which helps in driving the engine accessories. Crankshaft pulley attached to the serpentine belt and other accessories to transmit mechanical power and torque.  The serpentine belt moves around the larger portion of the engine."crankshaft pulley bolt" It provides power to the parts of the car through the rotational movement of the belt. The other parts include the alternator, stereo, and air-conditioner. Ribbing prevents the belt from slipping while moving around. The vibrations caused by other pulleys are managed and reduced by the crankshaft pulley. if it got damaged then you would need to know how to remove crankshaft pulley bolt?

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Crank Shaft Pulley Bolt?

The crankshaft pulley is a minor part of the vehicle’s engine. But it can collapse the whole engine performance. If you experience one of the below-mentioned symptoms, look for the damaged Crankshaft pulley bolt. Generally, the symptoms are

Engine Vibrations

The crankshaft pulley was a major component that reduces the vibration due to the moving parts. The crankshaft pulley usually contains a harmonic balancer that absorbs the vibrations in the engine while you accelerate. Damaging of harmonic balancer will make us feel the vibrations of the moving parts inside the engine.

Failure Of Alternator

You can overcome dimming of lights, unstable working of car accessories, battery warning light, or a dead battery is the potential symptoms of failure alternator. The crankshaft pulley provides power to the alternator. You can expect the failure of the alternator when the crankshaft pulley stops working. The vehicle will stop it from running if it was too damaged.

Failure Of Power Steering Pump

A power steering pump is used to pump the hydraulic fluid for generating hydraulic pressure to the steering system. So that the driver could handle the steering without much effort. The crankshaft pulley also provides power to the power steering pump. The failure of the crankshaft pulley reduces the steering control which can lead to potential threats.

Transmission Damage

The transmission system shifts the power from the engine to the wheels. Too much vibration arises due to the failure of the crankshaft pulley bolt damages the transmission system. This will affect the gears, bearings, and input shaft.

They will cause whining noise, leaking of transmission fluid, and even difficulty in shifting gears. You can’t drive your vehicle with these symptoms. Crankshaft pulley accounts for these damages.

Irregular Speed Of Idle Engine

The irregular speed of the idle engine is noted when you park or stops the vehicle with the running engine. The crankshaft’s pulley dampener experiences high stress at this time.  Damaging of dampener causes the idle engine speed to be irregular. These are the common symptoms for the damaging of crankshaft pulley bolts.

What Are The Reasons For The Failure Of Crankshaft Pulley?

The reasons accounting for the failure of the crankshaft pulley bolt failure are

Damages During Installation

  • Incorrect tightening torque of the pulley causes burning of the mounting sleeve and material abrasions.
  • The pulley becomes weak when the belt tension is too strong.
  • Oil leak in the place of pulley subjected it to the failure.

Failure Of Rubber Rings

Oil leak on the crankshaft pulley makes the coated rubber inside the lining swell. This causes the belt to come out of its way. Hence it stopped working and shut all other attached components. In this way, rubber rings get damaged. The spinning and twisting action of the crankshaft also cause the failure of rubber rings. Don’t confuse this with the engine misfire. Inspect the crankshaft pulley periodically.

Which Is The Best Tool For Removing The Crankshaft Pulley?

A half-inch drive sways firearm may be an extraordinary device for eliminating a difficult crankshaft pulley. A force wrench has likewise been demonstrated to be a useful device for effectively getting it. You should follow the assistance manual while eliminating the crankshaft pulley.

What Is The Use And Size Of The Crankshaft Pulley Bolt?

The need of the bolt is to lock the crankshaft pulley through the ring gear and it enables it to stop the rotation of the crankshaft. The size of the crankshaft pulley bolt is 25mm 12-pt.

How To Remove Crankshaft Pulley Bolt?

You can think of how to remove crankshaft pulley bolt?. Crankshaft pulley bolt can be removed by two methods including

  • Using the impact gun
  • Without using the impact gun

Using The Impact Gun

  • Firstly you need a compressor and an impact gun to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt.
  • Choose the socket which fits your crankshaft pulley bolts.
  • Connect the impact gun and the compressor.
  • It is recommended to use the compressor capability of producing 165 psi of pressure.
  • Now run the impact by fixing it in the crankshaft pulley bolt.
  • The bolt will be successfully removed.
  • For easy removal tighten and loosen the bolt by operating the impact gun in opposite directions with specific time intervals.
  • After removing the bolt using the puller kit to remove the pulley.
  • Get the rod and screw it up to the main puller.
  • Put it over on the small hole.
  • Insert a screw into the opposite holes.
  • Put a socket and snug it up there.
  • Place the wrench and keep turning.
  • Here the pulley comes down.

Technique To Remove Without Impact Gun

  • Take a belt to put over the crankshaft pulley.
  • Put the belt between the crankshaft pulley and the air conditioner pulley.
  • Tie up and lock the center of the belt with the crankshaft belt.
  • This prevents the turning of the engine while spinning the wrench. In the absence of this step, the engine began to spin while spinning the wrench. So you never get the bolt off.
  • Use the appropriate wrench with the extension.
  • Now lose the center bolt of the crankshaft pulley.
  • It will become loose. Replace it with the new one.


Thus I came to know that the crankshaft pulley is the main source for running the alternator, transmission system, and air conditioner. It is advisable to take over the inspection in the auto garage if any of the above symptoms are detected. After this, I realized that my car vibrates and my loss of control over steering all is due to the failure of the crankshaft pulley."crankshaft pulley bolt" You can remove the crankshaft pulley bolt with and without using an impact gun. We have believed that you have learned What are the symptoms of a bad crankshaft pulley bolt? And How to remove crankshaft pulley bolt? If you have any queries kindly comment below.

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