How To Fix A Starter Noise During Cranking? [3 Methods]

Somebody got a new car, drove it around town, and it now has a few miles on it. Such routine maintenance has kept his four-wheeled buddy running like new for many years. There are occasions when it causes you problems like weird noises by the starter in the cranking process and you have no idea what’s causing it or which portion of your car is impacted. The beginning system in your vehicle is made up of several components, and any failure with one of them can prevent your vehicle from starting. The starter motor is an important part of the starting system that must function completely in order for your car to start. If you detect a starter noise during cranking and want to resolve it soon, be with this article till the end as it is covering all the information regarding the issue of starter noise like its causes, methods of solving costs required to overcome this problem and much more.


What Is Mean By Starter Making Noise During Cranking?

The starter is a gear that helps in the start-up of the engine. If you hear grinding sounds when turning the key in the ignition, the starter gear may be worn. If you hear whining, it signifies the flywheel isn’t engaging properly, and your engine could be damaged.

Noises From The Starter During Cranking Are Caused By The Following Factors:

There are some common and important reasons that people mostly experience whenever they face” “noise in a cranking” kind of situation. They are mentioned below let’s have a look.

1. Wheel Bearings In Bad Shape:

Bad wheel bearings are one of the major reasons for starter noise during cranking If you’re driving your car and it produces a grinding noise when turning, They keep the two moving pieces from rubbing together. it’s possible that weak wheel bearings are to blame. So whenever you are suffering from this problem make sure that your car’s Wheel Bearings are in good condition.

2. Starter Drive Gear Failure:

This is another important reason why your starter noise during cranking, As you know we cannot replace the starter gear Periodically but it doesn’t mean that The equipment is meant to last indefinitely. When your vehicle’s starter drive gear is working badly you must replace it.

3. The Battery Has Died:

Now, this is one of the common reasons for noise in the starter, whenever this glitch occurs first check If it sounds more like a succession of fast clicks than metal-on-metal grinding, it’s probably because of the dead battery so make sure your battery is in good condition, this may lead to other technical glitches also rather than this. So at the time of need replace the faulty battery.

4. Dust-Off A Brand-New Clutch:

Dusting off a brand new clutch is not a very big problem, however, it can be resolved easily, In such cases what exactly happen is when you have replaced your clutch or it is brand new The starter motor was destroyed because dust from the old clutch accumulated on it. As you drive your vehicle longer, it will gradually fade away.


How To Fix Cranking Noises From The Starter?

Every problem arises with valid solutions, so accordingly following are some ways by which you can overcome this situation by using suitable methods to fix starter noise.

Method 1: Replacement Of Starter Drive Gear:

As we already mentioned above that this part is an essential or delicate part of your vehicle and mostly it becomes the reason why you are facing such problems, so all you have to do is replace that faulty starter drive gear as soon as possible otherwise it may cause some other problems too.

Method 2: Checking The Starter Motor:

As above listed causes you will be able to find its solution according, apart from the above, you should check some components like Check the starter motor mounting nuts for tightness by rocking the starter back and forth with your hand.

Method 3: Go To A Mechanic To Fix:

If you are not able to find why your car’s starter is making noise during cranking do not go very deeply as sometimes problems are very little and we make it a huge, so in these cases, we suggest you consult the professional for further help.

How To Avoid Starter Noise During Cranking?

Keep your vehicle’s starter drive gear in a good condition if not then you must do it, repair your automobile’s faulty components which are mentioned in the part of the cause. You should make some tweaks and maintain your present motor in service, depending on the specific situation. By doing this most likely you will not face this kind of issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Noise During The Cranking Process?

If we talk about starter drive gear, A new starter can cost anywhere from $50 to $350 with labor charges ranging from $150 to $200.

Is It Safe To Drive Without Fixing Noise By Starter During Cranking?

If the starter motor is bad, or the battery is dead, the engine will not start. Jump-starting just boosts the battery’s capacity. However, it is not safe to drive without fixing the starter noise in the cranking process.


In this article, we have gone through some important causes of this problem, important ways to solve starter noise during Cranking, and much more, ultimately we have reached on conclusion that strange symptoms such as loud noises by starter especially when trying to crank the engine, can occur when this happens. But if we want our automobiles to work as we want according to us, without any technical glitches then we have to look at their problems also, and their servicing, etc as we have to keep them updated.

The starting motor, like any other mechanical component in your vehicle, is susceptible to wear and tear. And this part of your automobile is very critical. Hope this article will be helpful to you and by this surely you will be able to do the best with your automobile.

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