How To Stop Transmission Whine In Your Car? [8 Ways]

When you hear a weird noise from the car is not at all a good thing. Especially the sound from the transmission such as whining noise. This noise occurs due of the two parts are coming in contact and that are not supposed to. These sounds indicate that your car is in the trouble and you need immediate repair. In case you don’t repair it, each day it goes on increasing and a costly transmission repair is included.

Whining Noise is the type of weird noise that mainly occurs while moving the car. Sometimes this sound paired with the gear slipping. This normally includes due to lack or low transmission fluid and can be fixed by transferring the fluid. This sound mainly occurs in the automatic transmission system of the car. Automatic transmission cars are better than anybody. They make driving much easier than manual but at the same time is a much-complicated system and cause more transmission sound.

To know the details about how to stop transmission whine beforehand take a look at the common reason behind it.

Common Reason For Transmission Whine

Before you go to the mechanics for fixing it, here are some possible causes of car transmission whining.

1. Car Makes Whining Noise When Turning

If your car is making a whining noise when you are turning the car, the problem arises from the steering system. In case of this always first check the steering belt is damaged or loose. In case you notice the steering belt is fine, check the fluid leak system whether the level is lower or higher than expected.

If you notice the fluid leak is enough expected, the problem is with the transmission.

2. Car Makes Whining Noise When Accelerating

If your vehicle is making a whining noise when accelerating, it is due to the problem of transmission. Whining when accelerating the vehicle is due to the transmission problem, is occur due to the worn-out gear or low transmission fluid due to the leak.

The problem can also arise due to low power steering fluid, damage in the alternating bearing, malfunctioning water pump, a piston has broken or a bad AC compressor.

3. Car Make Noise When Idling

Whining noise when idling the car is due to the less in oil. Less oil can be the reason for oil leak or valve are stuck and need adjustment.

4. Normal Operation

Sometimes it may be a normal case that is it depends upon the make and model of the car. This wining sound probably can hear in the first gear. In some models of the car, it can be heard in the third gear also. The best defense is to know beforehand how your gear is hearing.

5. Worn Clutch

In the case of the manual transmission car system, the whining noise can be the reason for the worn clutch, It sometimes can be the reason for the flywheel. At that time you have to resurface the flywheel for preventing the noise.

6. Bad Throw Out Bearing

If you are hearing the winning noise but it is not from the clutch, it is probably a chance from the throw-out bearing. It is very common to hear when operating the clutch rather than driving the car without any pressure on the clutch pedal.

7. Bad Input Shaft Bearing

There is internal bearing in the house of the transmission and it can create a whining sound when it becomes to fail.

8. Bad Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearing is located at the wheel hub. But when you hear the whining noise, you think it coming from the transmission. It’s most usual for wheel bearing to create a roaring sound but it possible to create the whining noise.

How To Stop Transmission Whine?

After you figure out the exact cause of the whining noise, below there are some logical steps to check what is going on and how to stop transmission whine when accelerating.

1. Equipment

Before going for the checking proceeding arrange some materials which are needed

  • Mechanics Stethoscope
  • Owners Users Manual

2. Engine Sound

If the car makes the noise not from changing the gear, it is possible the noise is coming from the engine. First, start the engine by putting it in neutral and listen to the noise that is associated with the engine speed. The noise should arise most probably from the transmission.

3. Automatic Or Manual Car

If your car is manual, it is a different thing than an automatic transmission car. A manual transmission car is only turning when the car is in motion or when the car is in neutral and the clutch is engaged. So the sound is associated with the car when in stationary and gear are mostly associated with the gear. This automatic whining noise may indicate the sound from the transmission bearing noises or driveline noise.

4. Transmission Fluid

In the case of the manual transmission system car, checking the fluid is a very big job. The car has to be jacked up and pull the plug from the side of the transmission.

In the case of the automatic transmission system of the car, it becomes much easier to check the transmission fluid by removing the dipstick and fills the spouts. Also, check the owner user manual for further steps.

It is an important and common symptom that low fluid can save you lots of money rather than other symptoms.

5. Quality Of The Transmission Fluid

If you have recently change the transmission and the whining noise is heard after a few days, contact that service center for immediate replacement of the transmission. In the last many years the transmission is using one such type of fluid and after the replacement, another type of fluid is used which can be the reason for the whining sound.

6. Car In The Reverse

Keep the automatic transmission car in the reverse, the transmission rise, and transmission demands to rise the fluid with it. The restricted filter is not allowing to rise the fluid, in that case, you have to change the fluid and filter. Otherwise, sometimes the filter clogs with the debris which can be the reason.

7. Torque Converter

The torque converter is located near the engine meets the transmission. Put your mechanical stethoscope and pull the probe out of the hose. This will give a very directional tool for seeking out the sounds. This torque converter is used instead of the clutch. And most probably the noise will generate from the front of the transmission.

8. Gear Sets

Planetary gear set can produce whining noise as the gear begin to wear out but they will only complain when the car is moving.


You know your car better than anybody. It’s better to identify the potential source of transmission noise faster there are thinking you can do. Take a few minutes to review the list of the reason given in the article and identify the issue. Then follow steps under the how to stop transmission whine to solve the issue.

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