Fix Traction Control Light Won’t Turn Off? [2 Easy Ways]

There is heavy rain outside and I was driving my car, I turned the traction control lights on at that time. But when I tried to turn it off, I couldn’t as it stayed on. Are you also facing an issue of traction control light won’t turn off, If yes then stick with this article till the end as it covers all you need to know about this issue to fix as soon as possible, including causes, solutions, some frequently asked questions and much more. So stay tuned!

What Does It Mean By Traction Control Light Won’t Turn Off?

Traction control is a technology that prevents a car’s tire from rolling when it receives too much torque. In a car lacking traction control, the wheels are far more prone to falls. When your automobile detects that your wheels are about to slip, the grip monitoring system kicks, that’s why it is the essential area of your car.

What Are The Reasons For Traction Control Light Stays On?

When people are confronted with this type of predicament, there are a few typical and crucial causes that they encounter. Below is a list of them. Let’s talk about those reasons.

1. Failed Wheel Sensors:

Wheel sensors are in charge of monitoring the spin rate of your tires, and each tire has its own monitor. The torque control system is notified by wheel sensors, so we can say that they are linked to each other. If the wheel sensors are occurring any issues or it gets failed then your car will lose grip which may lead to constant turned on lights of traction control.

2. Coding Problems:

Sometimes people experience “programming” as the reason behind issues in traction control lights. It’s possible that your torque control system will need to be rebuilt in order to work properly again. In this case, you should consult a professional to fix these technical glitches.

3. Steering Gear Is Broken:

This one is the another most obvious reason why our car’s traction control lights won’t turn off. As it is generally not good and safe to drive despite knowing that some of the components of your car are faulty. A broken steering gear may result in arising of this issue. So you just simply have to repair or replace it.

4. Wiring Issues:

Problematic wirings are sometimes the source of any technical issues in our vehicles. So, let’s look at what happens in these situations. If the problem is with the hydraulic wires, then it may lead to faults in traction control lights as they couldn’t get off easily. At the time you should ensure that the solenoid wires are in better shape.

5. Poor Roadways:

The faulty components may not be the reason always for the faults in traction control, sometimes it happens due to atmospheric changes too. If you’re driving in an area where there are a bunch of icy roads on the terrain then maintaining traction on the roadways will be tough.

How To Fix The Torque Vectoring Light Can’t Just Turn Off?

All difficulty has a viable response, so here are some solutions to solve this scenario by employing appropriate methods to quickly switch off the traction control light.

Method 1: Reset Your Car:

Sometimes it happens due to delays in the transfer of command to the parts of your vehicle, so before opening all inner parts of your car it’s highly recommended to restart your vehicle. This will assist you in diagnosing your friction control system, and it’s a really simple procedure. And you will not even need a mechanic to do this simple process.

Method 2: Disable The Speed Control Technique:

The ECS button is used to turn on and turn off the stability control. Sometimes in hast, we unwittingly press that button, and the lights get on. The traction control light will illuminate if the vehicle dynamic system is turned off. Thus, check your display to make sure the light is turned off by pressing and holding the button for 5 to 6 seconds. After doing all these things, if you are still not able to overcome the situation, then go straight to your regular mechanic and fix it professionally.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Traction Control Light That Remains On?

When people are usually stuck with this kind of problem some queries arise in their minds which are most common and the cost required to solve the problem is one of them, so in case your car’s traction light is still on even after turning it off, one needs to keep $800 to $1000 in order to replace rear axle sensor.

How Can I Avoid Having The Traction Control Light On All The Time?

Keep your automobile well updated. Don’t treat them harshly, do periodic servicing and make sure that you are not driving fast, as the traction control light stays on for several moments as a warning that you’re driving dangerously and just need to slow down. By doing so, you can easily avoid suffering from this ailment.

Is It Safe To Drive Without Fixing The Traction Control Light Not Turning Off Problem?

If you are prominently experiencing this issue, then you must solve it. Going to drive with the control light on isn’t a trouble for you but your vehicle will tumble everywhere on the road if you don’t use efficient stability control. In short, it’s quite not risky to drive without fixing continues brighten up lights of traction control.


Traction control lights won’t turn off is a most common issue that usually appears,  you guys can easily get rid of this by considering the above-mentioned causes, methods of solving, etc. And most importantly don’t ignore this, as it might make driving dangerous if it arises due to the anti-lock braking system.

We hope that you will find this article helpful to you. With this knowledge, I am confident that you will be able to identify the source of your difficulty. If you have more relevant issues like this you can leave a message in the comment box. We will surely come back to you with the best ways to solve it.

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