What To Do If Transmission Clunk When Slowing Down?

You are stuck in terrific traffic, a hectic day, constantly watching signals to turn into green, with all these sufferings you are getting more annoyed because your car’s transmission clunk when slowing down. In such a situation we usually show our frustrations on our automobile, but it’s not a way to solve an issue, if you want to fix the clunking transmission, be with this article till the end as you will get to know details about it like it’s causes, solutions, and some frequently asked questions.

What Does It Mean By Transmission Clunk When Slowing Down?

Numerous modern automobile gearboxes are regulated by computerized sensors. Frequently, skittering noises arise as a result of detectors sending inaccurate switching or speed feedback, causing an issue owing to improper management.

What Causes Transmission Clunk When Slowing Down?

Because once people are confronted with this type of predicament, there are a few typical and crucial causes that they encounter. Below is a list of them. Let’s have a glance at it.

1. Motor Mounts:

Before explaining how motor mounts cause transmission clunk when slowing down, first, we have to know how motor mounts work? The principal function of a motor is to safeguard a motor in equipment and to buffer any mechanical stress that occurs while the equipment is in use. When any fault arises in motor mounts, you will most probably hear a clunking noise. Excess vibration when driving can be caused by damaged mounts.

2. Transmission Fluid:

This is the most obvious reason for clunking noise. It usually happens because of low insufficient transmission fluid. When operating, the gearbox will make creaking vibrations since it is limited on transmission oil and missing the grease essential to maintain switching correctly. So you should check the transmission fluid in your car as if it is getting older, make sure you replace it soon.


3. Structural Materials:

Structural materials are those which are inside the transmission including axles, gearboxes, compressors, etc. When you are hearing a strange noise in transmission the common reason behind this which people usually experience is faults in the above-mentioned parts of your automobile. These components are very critical and should be well serviced.

4. Faulty U-Joints And Tie Rods:

This is another common reason of happening of clunking noises, As mentioned above, U-joints are also a part of the inner transmission, If it is faulty, it may results in a transmission clunk when slowing down. Faulty tie rods are the main cause of clunking noises while accelerating.

How is it works? according to its name, tie rods attach the steering knuckle to the directing column of a vehicle. This aids in translating the guiding rear wheels’ movement to the orientation of the tires. A clunking noise can be heard when a tie rod end is deteriorated or unfastened. As a result, ensure that tie rods are in good working order.

How To Fix Clunking Noise When Slowing Down?

Each challenge has a legitimate response, so here are some approaches to overcome this difficulty by applying appropriate methods to fix clunking noises by transmission.

Method 1: Using quality parts while replacing:

It’s always recommended that, use good quality parts whenever you are replacing any part of your automobile. To guarantee that perhaps the trouble does not reoccur, employ high-quality car parts and replace old materials with new designs. If you are using the cheap components thinking that it’s just a replacement then the chance of reoccurrence of clunking noises is high.

Method 2: Renewal Of Transmission Fluid

To avoid the shocks, vibrations, and weird clunking noises, it is highly advisable to cleanse and replace the motor oil using the recommended sort and quality. If you are detecting the color of the transmission fluid black or brown, it means it is faulty. It should read in color.

Method 3: Suspension Stabiliser Replacement:

Your car may create a grinding gears noise whenever you slow down if the suspension stabilizer is burnt away. So replace that part with a good one to avoid being in a problematic situation.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Clunking Noise?

When we can’t figure out the exact problem and ultimately we to take our vehicle to a mechanic, we first think about how much does it cost? So in the clunking transmission case, one needs to spend $2,000 approximately to replace the engine knocking.

How To Avoid Clunking Sound In Transmission?

Repairs and replacements of faulty components of your vehicle are very essential to avoid clunky transmissions. Whenever you notice neutral noises, bearings are falling, clutch Pulling, the liquid is flowing, smells like it’s on fire, etc. It means your automobile’s inner parts are not well, so keep periodic repairs and maintenance for the same.

Is It Safe To Drive Without Solving The Issue Of Transmission Clunking?

If you hear the clunking noises when driving slow only for a once or most probably so there is not a big issue you can continue to drive but prominently you are facing this issue then you need a good consultant as it is not safe to drive without fixing transmission clunk when slowing down.


As we discussed a lot about transmission clunk when slowing down. We concluded that The main reason that comes out behind these clunking noises is faulty parts. Often these motorists had to cope with a variety of automotive noises, which could indicate a problem with the vehicle.

So keep it updated and if you don’t know how to do the necessary checking inside the transmission watch the tutorial on any online platform like YouTube. But if you are unknown about the replacement of parts, don’t take a risk, take it to a professional rather than doing it yourself.

As they are experts in their field. Often these motorists had to cope with a variety of automotive noises, which could indicate a problem with the vehicle. We hope you found this post helpful; if you have any additional questions about your car, please leave them in the comments below and we will gladly respond with possible solutions.

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