How To Turn Off Seatbelt Alarm Of Your Car?

Seat belts are one of the most important safety features in your vehicle. Seatbelts help prevent you from moving around too much in the seat while you’re driving. This is especially true in the event of a collision where the seat belt will lock and keep you in the seat even if the car rolls.

Since automakers want you to stay safe, a seat belt warning light is used on every car made these days. This warning light reminds the driver and sometimes even the front passenger to put on their seatbelts when the car is moving. B ut if the alarm gets failed, make sure by following the articles you can know the cause and also how to turn off seatbelt alarm.

Why Seatbelt Alarm Don’t Turn Off?

There is a lot to learn when it comes to the seat belt sensor, and this is great information to know. Following the below, cause you can go forward to know how to turn off seatbelt alarm

1. Airbag And SRS System

This airbag and SRS (supplemental restraint system) unit system is located under the driver’s seat, or sometimes under the passenger seat on certain vehicles. This system is tied in with your seat belt, along with the passenger occupancy sensor on the seat.

The connections to this unit can often become loose over time, particularly if you are constantly moving the seat backward and forwards. Take a look under the driver or passenger seat for wires and connections. Give all of the connectors a push to ensure they’re firmly in place.

2. Seat Belt Buckle

The problem might be related to a switch inside the buckle. General wear-and-tear, grime, crumbs of food and anything else you might think of can ends up falling into the slot on a seat belt buckle.

In this case, you can purchase some electric contact cleaner and spray it into the seat belt buckle. Connect and disconnect the seat belt a few times to see if this has done the job or not.

3. Seat Belt Warning Light And The MOT

The seat belt warning light refusing to go out even when buckled up should not fail an MOT. To pass an MOT though, it’s important to ensure that all seat belts are in good working order and that they are free from rips, tears, and any signs of wear-and-tear. Other dashboard warning lights related to the seat belt that remains on due to a fault such as an airbag or SRS will fail an MOT test.

How To Turn Off Seatbelt Alarm Of Your Car?

By following the below basics two methods you can easily turn off the seat belt alarm of your car.

1. Disabling the Seat Belt Alarm

This is the first method to turn off the seatbelt alarm of your car with the help of manufacturer tools. But please follow the manual book of your vehicle to know the exact reason.

1. Beware Of The Airbag Risk

On many cars, the seat belt sensor is used to trigger the airbag. Make sure you investigate whether this is the case in your car before doing anything extreme to your seat belt alarm.

2. Check The User Manual

Almost all manuals give instructions on how to disarm the seat belt alarm without cutting any wires. This usually consists of doing a series of tasks in the car while parked. Insert the key and turn the power on. Make sure that you should not crank the engine. There is a knob on your dash panel that switches your trip and total odometer readings. Press this knob until you see “ODO” on the instrument panel.

Now, you should turn the key off, and then back on. Hold the same knob for 10-15 seconds. While still holding the knob, put on your seatbelt, and then release the knob. You will notice that “B-OFF” flashes on the instrument panel. This indicates that you turned off your seat belt alarm.

3. Disable Your Alarm

Disable the alarm of your car means following the steps in the owner’s manual for reprogramming your alarm, which, as described in the second step, is often a series of actions taken while the car is parked.
Alternatively, you can take the vehicle to your dealer to do this. Some vehicles may have to go to the dealer to be reprogrammed with specific software. It is worth noting that dealerships are often resistant to fulfill this request due to legal and liability issues. However, this is the safest method of disabling your seat belt alarm, and dealerships will make reasonable adjustments in special cases.


2. Installing A Seat Belt Alarm Stopper

In case the first method does not work in your car, then you have to follow this procedure. Following the below procedure you will get to know about how to turn off the seatbelt alarm if you plan to use the seatbelt.

1. Get An Unattached Seat Belt Clip

 There are two basic products on the market that are referred to as seat belt alarm stoppers.

The first is simply an unattached seat belt clip that can be inserted into the holder. The safest way to use this option is to source a seat belt clip that matches your original seatbelt exactly. You can look for one at a scrap yard or parts store. Firstly, measure the overall dimensions of the clip’s exposed metal section, as well as the dimensions of your receptor. Remember that driving without using a seatbelt is very dangerous, and against the law in most areas.

2. Purchase An Extender

The other stopper option can be a piece that clips into the holder, but also provides an additional holder called an extender. So that you can use your seat belt without removing the alarm stopper.

You should purchase your extender from the original equipment manufacturer of the seat belt, and it must meet the criteria in its operating manual, including mass and stature. The criteria for your extender are important because your seat belt system needs to pass an anchorage pull test, which ensures that it can withstand crash-level forces. You can find these requirements online or by asking your seat belt manufacturer.

3. Install The Seat Belt Alarm Stopper

Make sure that your stopper fits your seat belt holder. Then, simply click the stopper into your holder. You are now free of the dinging alarm sounds.


While your car’s drivability won’t be affected in case you do not wear the seat belt. But during an accident, your safety is at a much greater risk. Besides risking a ticket from the police, seat belts are known to save lives so why take the risk?

If you could not know how to turn off seatbelt alarm, take the car straight forward to the expertise.

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